3 Best Dog Agility Training Equipment Starter Kits

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Dog agility is great fun for you and your dog. Once your dog starts agility training, she will need plenty of practice to compete with all those Border Collies. One way to ensure that your dog gets enough practice training is to have her own dog agility training equipment starter kit.

In this article, I will present 3 highly rated dog agility training sets. The highest possible rating is 5/5. When starting out in agility, you want your dog to have the best agility kits for dogs for the money.

Best Dog Agility Training Equipment Starter Kits

#Preview NameRating
1Cheering Pet Dog Agility Starter Kit - 3 best dog agility training equipment starter kitsCHEERING PET, Premium Dog Agility Equipment Set, 5 pieces4.4/5
Pawhut 5 piece Agility Training Equipment Starter Kit - Best Agility Training Equipment Starter Kits
PawHut 5 Piece Outdoor Dogs Agility Training Equipment Starter Kit4.2/5
3Ziaz Dog Agility Training Kit - 3 Best Dog Agility Training kitsXiaZ Dog Agility Equipments, Obstacle Courses Training Starter Kit4/5

What Should be Included in a Dog Agility Training Starter Kit?

A starter kit is for dogs just starting out in agility training and provides a means for you and your dog to practice at home in your backyard instead of having to go somewhere else to use their equipment. Starter kits are just what the name implies for dogs just beginning their agility training. For this reason, the quality of the equipment is not as durable as it would need to be for dogs that are more advanced in their training.

A starter kit should contain a training jump, weave poles, and a pause box. These obstacles should be enough to get your dog started in agility training. Also, you don’t want to spend too much money on an obstacle course as you don’t know for sure that you and your dog are going to like agility. So, the price should be low enough to purchase enough equipment to get your dog started. Some of the obstacles can be purchased later after you know for sure that your dog is going to go further with agility training.

Which Obstacle Should I Train My Dog on First?

To begin your dog’s agility training, it is best not to have more than 3 obstacles set up in your backyard or wherever you plan to set it up. Too many obstacles can confuse your dog and frustrate her. You definitely don’t want this to happen as this could result in a delay or a stop of your dog’s agility training.

Train her to be successful on 1 obstacle at a time before adding another one. Once she really has the first one down well, introduce another obstacle.

The tunnel is one of the easiest obstacles for dogs to learn unless they have a fear of the dark. It is a good idea to get started with your dog learning something easy to learn so she can start out successful. That will improve her attitude about training and make her feel more confident. You can start your dog learning the tunnel by squishing the tunnel up until it is only a few inches wide, and using treats to get her to go through the tunnel. Praise her and give her more treats when she is successful and don’t punish her or get angry with her if she doesn’t.

When she is successful with the tunnel at the most squished size, increase the size a little each time making sure you praise her and reward her with treats each time she is successful. Continue in this way until she can make it through the entire tunnel stretched out to its full size without any problems.

Does it Matter What Order I Train the Obstacles in?

Obstacles are categorized into jumps, contacts, and weaves. It would be ideal if everyone could have a full training course in their backyard. Unfortunately, the ideal can’t always be achieved due to a lack of space or money. So, if you are a beginner in agility what do you buy first? Your starter kit should at least include a jump, weave poles, and a pause box. Some may also include a jumping ring or another obstacle.

The prices on these starter kits range from $75.00 to $110.00. High-quality professional agility obstacles are much more durable and well made and the prices reflect that fact. The prices of professional agility training equipment range from about $150.00 and up.

What to Look For When Purchasing a Dog Agility Training Equipment Kit?

Look at reviews of dog agility training equipment starter kits from different stores and compare the prices and what is included in the kit. Study both of these carefully to be certain you are getting your money’s worth for whatever starter kit you decide upon.

Quick Reviews of 3 Dog Agility Equipment Starter Kits

CHEERING Pet, Premium Dog Agility Equipment Set

(paid link)

Cheering Pet Dog Agility Equipment - Best Dog Agility Equipment Starter Kits

Easy to assemble and lightweight. Great agility starter kit and good for small backyard. This Agility training set can also be used inside during bad weather. The agility equipment is constructed with premium quality, durable materials. This agility kit is well made and very easy to assemble. It is not competition quality, however, it’s definitely fine for learning and practicing agility.

This kit includes 6 weave poles, an adjustable height hoop jump, and a high jump. The bar on the high jump is made to fall if your dog touches it as this will prevent injury. The kit also includes a tunnel that is 23 inches in diameter. This is big enough for most dogs to fit into comfortably, except for the giant breeds.


  • Made with premium material, built to last
  • 2 carrying bags with handles for easy portability
  • 6 weave poles for a more complete weave experience
  • Adjustable height for the hoop and jump
  • #1 Bestseller in Amazon agility jumps


  • The hoop may be too small for very large dogs, but other equipment is fine

PawHut 5 Piece Outdoor Dogs Agility Training Equipment Starter Kit

(paid link)

Pawhut 5 piece Agility Training Equipment Starter Kit - Best Agility Training Equipment Starter Kits

This dog agility set from PawHut is a great way to improve upon your pets’ natural impulses and to build a closer relationship between you and your dogs. It also can help to get your dogs started in the fun sport of dog agility which will provide a lot of enjoyment for you and your dogs. If you are already taking agility courses then having an agility course in your backyard will enable you to practice as much as you want, as agility dogs need to keep up their skills.

This kit with its variety of equipment, including a high jump, a tunnel, 6 weave poles, a square pause box, and an adjustable jumping ring, will give you what you need for practice, training, and fun. A solid carrying bag is included to make all the accessories stay together and offer convenient transport. Ground stakes are also provided to anchor the tunnel to the ground.


  • Large enough for big dogs such as Samoyed and German Shepherd
  • Made with durable plastic material good for heavy-duty use – Polyester, Polyethylene, Plastic
  • Easy to set up and take down, for transport or storage


  • One sheet of directions to put together, but they aren’t good directions
  • Must be hand-washed to clean

XiaZ Dog Agility Equipments, Obstacle Courses Training Starter Kit

(paid link)

Ziaz Dog Agility Training Kit - best dog agility training kits

This Dog agility kit package includes a polyester fabric square pause box, dog tunnel with ground stakes, adjustable dog agility jump hurdle with pole connectors, tire jump, weave poles, agility equipment carrying bags, and an instruction sheet. This kit is completely portable as it is easy to set up and take down and fits into a convenient carrying cover for convenient transporting to other locations.

The collapsable dog tunnel is 24 inches in diameter which makes it large enough to fit most dogs. The tunnel is constructed using high-quality 190T polyester material which resists tearing and ripping during exercise and training.



  • There were no directions; just poorly taken photos of what was in the box and poor English descriptions of the end product. But to be fair, this could have something to do with packaging the equipment and not including the instructions, unless this is what they call instructions. It does mention an instruction sheet in the description.

Final Thoughts

These 3 Agility Training Starter Kits are all rated for beginners. If your dog is already skilled in agility, you should be looking for sturdier, more durable equipment, which will also be much more expensive. However, these starter kits are meant for dogs just starting their agility training.

How far your dog goes in agility will depend on you and your dog. Remember, all dogs, including mixed breeds, are eligible for dog agility. Be sure to get your dog examined by a veterinarian first to be sure she is in good health. This is an excellent sport that will keep both you and your dog in shape!

Please share your experiences with dog agility or feel free to ask any questions you have.

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