6 Ways To Better Understand Your Puppy’s Behavior

PupCorner.com-5. 6 Ways To Better Understand Your Puppys Behavior

Ever wonder “what was my puppy thinking?” Sometimes puppies do things that seem really strange but once you get a better understanding, you will not have to wonder as much. The following list shows 6 ways to better understand your puppy’s behavior and once you understand more about why your puppy is doing some of these things, you will be better equipped to communicate better with your puppies:

1. Your puppy moves away when you pet his head

A puppy perceives continuous head-patting as a signal of dominance, not affection. It also just does not feel good. Puppies prefer to be stroked, particularly on the side of the face, under the chin, or on the front of the chest. They also like having their rumps scratched.

2. Paws and scrapes the ground after eliminating

A puppy doing that is actually engaging in a kind of marking behavior to advertise his presence – the opposite of trying to cover up the “evidence”.

3. Eats feces:

This behavior is commonly displayed by puppies. It is species-typical behavior. There is nothing harmful about it to a pup, who will probably outgrow the behavior by the time he’s one year old. But if you find it too objectionable, simply deny access.

Your Puppy isn’t Crazy, he’s Just Being a Dog

4. Eats grass:

Some people believe puppies eat grass to make themselves throw up when they have stomach upset; to self-medicate. Some believe puppies simply like to eat grass and then throw up when they eat too much of it. Both beliefs have their place. Different puppies have different grass-eating patterns. None of them are harmful, so don’t fret if your puppy throws up after nibbling on grass.

 5. Sniffs around “forever” before urinating:

To a puppy, urinating is an elimination process and a way of communicating. So a puppy has to take in the various olfactory notices left by other puppies before leaving a message of his own. He may even want to make sure that no other pup has previously urinated in the spot he’s considering. Thus, it may take some time so be patient.

6. Sniffs another puppy behind:

If smelling were seen, humans would be considered legally blind by those in the canine world. Pheromones generated from the glands around a puppy’s anus let another puppy know the identity of another puppy.

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