About Barbara

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My name is Barbara DiLucchio and I love dogs! The purpose of this page is to tell you a little bit about me.

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I created pupcorner.com to help fellow dog lovers and people who are considering getting a dog to live with, to better understand what’s involved. Above all, living with a dog requires a lifetime commitment to caring for your dog. This means feeding, walking, training, playing with him, and keeping him healthy. I also hope to convince people to consider adoption. In the spirit of full disclaimer. this site will also contain some ads for various dog and puppy products.

My Background

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I don’t remember any time in my life in which I did not have a dog.  I have always loved all animals, but dogs have always been special to me.  Cats are also great, however, I am very allergic to them and so were most of my family members so cats were out of the question. However, allergies are a very important consideration you must take into account before adding a dog or cat (or any pet to your family).

My parents (especially my mother) both loved dogs, however, my father had a different point of view as to where to keep the dog. He believed in keeping dogs outside and in my early days he always built kennels for them.  The kennels had plenty of shade, were spacious, and the dogs always had their very own dog house.

However, my sister, mother, and I always wanted to keep the dog with us, inside the house, outside the house, and anywhere we happened to be.  As it turns out dogs are pack animals and are happiest when they are with their family members as this is their pack.

Eventually, we were able to wear down my father and keep our dogs inside with us.  This just required some convincing (otherwise known as nagging), and eventually just overriding what he wanted as he was outnumbered.

I also appeal to you to consider adopting a dog from a shelter. Far too many dogs are euthanized (killed) at shelters if they have not been adopted within a few days’ time.  Please, consider adopting a pet and visiting shelters and animal rescue locations before making your final decision.

Why I Want to Help

My hope for this website is that it helps both people and dogs. Adding a canine family member should be a very happy positive experience for both the puppy and the human. In fact, good dog trainers spend as much time training dog owners to better understand their dogs, as they do with training the dogs!

Hopefully, by following the suggestions in these articles and devoting time and energy you will become a responsible pet owner. Responsible pet ownership also includes the socialization and training of your dog.

My Goal with This Site

My goal with this website is to include informative articles that help people with their dogs. I hope to help people to make good decisions when adopting or purchasing a dog for a totally happy and satisfying experience.

This website also contains some suggestions (and will contain more) on what and where to purchase supplies for your furry friend.

I would love to hear from you as each article has a section at the bottom in which you can ask questions, make comments, and make suggestions. We welcome any positive suggestions that help others to achieve great outcomes. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the articles, here is a quick way to the menu!

I hope you enjoy the site and that it is very helpful to you.

Also, if you want to reach out to me, I look forward to your message. Please use the contact form in the menu.

Wishing you, and your dogs, a great life together!