Basic Puppy Obedience Training For Beginners Basic Puppy Obedience Training For Beginners

All puppy owners should know some basic puppy obedience training methods, as these methods will be very helpful as your puppy training progresses.  You will be happy that your puppy has been well trained using these useful techniques in puppy obedience, developing desirable results and encouraging excellent behavior for your puppy.

Difficulty Of The Command

Always begin teaching your puppy the easiest command(s) possible so that difficult ones would be easier to learn at a later stage

The 12 most important basic puppy training commands for any puppy owner are:

  • Come
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Wait
  • Down
  • Stand
  • Okay
  • No
  • Off
  • Leave It
  • Drop It
  • Heel

Consistency Of The Commands

Basic puppy training methods can be taught efficiently and effectively by repeating with the same commands, pointing out the desired action, reinforcing the good behavior, and keeping your pet’s attention. You should do it many times during the day including during play time and while walking your puppy. An excited tone should be used to encourage good behavior and a stern voice for incorrect behavior.

Timing Your Puppy Training

Puppies respond best to short, sharp commands so training moments with your puppy should be short, intense, and interesting so that it does not lose his attention, interest, and capability of responding to the demands.

Praise And Rewarding Your Puppy

Always praise and reward your puppy the moment it responds to your commands. Rewards may be represented by playtime or food so that the learning process would be improved gradually.

Avoid Giving In To Your Pet Every Desire.

Always exercise discipline first and then affection. Never give out rewards just because your puppy gives you a pitiful or cute look but only when he or she performs a correct behavior. Once your puppy has learned your commands and hand signals, begin to give lesser rewards.

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