5 Best Dog Crates for Australian Cattle Dogs For 2022 (& Buyer’s Guides)

Australian Cattle Dog in a Crate - Best Dog Crates for Australian Cattle Dogs
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Crate training is a very important part of your dog’s early training. Start early getting your puppy used to his crate. Crates serve many functions throughout your dog’s life, starting with housetraining. This article describes and reviews 5 of the best crates for Australian Cattle Dogs. These crates are completely suitable for other dog breeds as well.

Top 5 Dog Crates For Australian Cattle Dogs and Other Breeds (2022 Reviews)

In this section, I will describe the best-rated dog crates for Australian Cattle Dogs (aka Heelers) as well as other dog breeds.

Top 10 Picks

MidWest Homes for Pets Newly Enhanced Single & Double Door iCrate Dog Crate

Highly rated double-door crate suitable for medium dogs weighing up to 40 pounds. Includes a divider panel, and leakproof plastic pan. Durable with quality construction. Plenty of ventilation with large door openings, and rounded corner clips. Easy assembly with included instructions. See full review.

Lucky Duck Dog Crate

Made in the USA by Lucky Duck Kennels. 5 Star Crash Test Rated by the Center for Pet Safety. Durable construction but light in weight. Features great ventilation and elevated, pitched floor to run water into drain channels on the sides of the kennel. See full review.

MIM Variocage Single L – Crash Tested Dog Travel Crate

Only dog transport cage to pass front, rear, and roll-over crash tests. Has a proven performance history in Europe for 10 years. 14 adjustable sizes to best fit most cars, dogs, cats, and vehicles. Has locking doors with gas hydraulic motion springs. Emergency escape hatch for added safety. See full review.

Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier

Durable, heavy-duty construction with durable plastic shell, non-corrodible wing-nuts, extra strong steel wire, and interlocking door all provide heavy-duty protection. 360-degree ventilation provides plenty of fresh air. Meets most airline cargo specifications for easy and safe travel. Clip-on bowls, ID stickers, and 2 live Animal stickers. See full review.

Unipaws Furniture Style Dog Crate End Table with Cushion, Wooden Wire Pet Kennels with Double Doors

Designed with metal enclosure bars and durable pressed wood. An elegant piece of furniture that also serves as a nightstand, end table, or side table, as well as a pet crate. A wide tabletop allows for extra home décors, such as plants, picture frames, and night lamps. Great ventilation and full view for your dog. See full review.

MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate – Best Overall (NOTE: NOT FOR TRAVEL)

The iCrate Has been Newly enhanced with added security features to keep your pet safe.  The addition of a Slide-bolt door latch now features a patented Paw Block and locking tips to create a safer, more secure crate for your pet.

This dog crate includes a divider panel, durable & leak-proof plastic pan, protective rubber feet, and carrying handle, along with a customer support team based in Indiana.

The divider panel is a money-saving feature as it allows you to buy the crate for your dog as a puppy and adjust the divider panels as your puppy grows. This is only accurate if you know your dog’s breed or breed-mix and can determine his size as an adult dog.

The crate is easy to assemble requiring no tools and folds flat for easy storage or travel. The high-quality construction is durable & strong and provides a place in which your dog feels secure. Excellent ventilation, large door openings with low thresholds, and rounded corner clips make iCrate a safer crate experience for your dog.


  • Double doors and a divider panel
  • Easily assembled requiring no tools
  • Safety Features: Excellent ventilation, large door openings with low thresholds, rounded corner clips
  • Slide-bolt door latch prevents escape
  • Low Price


  • Some reviewers complained about dogs injured due to trying to escape
  • Others solved the escape problem with zip ties

Lucky Duck Dog CrateBest Crate For Car Travel

Fully loaded with the most important features, yet still light in weight at 38 pounds. The Lucky Kennel holds a 5 Star Crash Test Rating from the Center for Pet Safety and is made in the USA. Not many crates or kennels have this rating.

Other features include integrated powder-coated tie downs, non-slip rubber feet, and heavy-duty lift handles for easy transport. The crate also features an elevated, pitched floor to run water away from your pet into drain holes on each side of the kennel. The drain holes are placed for quick, easy cleanup.

The dog crate has excellent ventilation to keep your dog cool on hot days. With a patent-pending design, this kennel is durable yet light enough for any member of the family to easily move it.

The injection molded door features a quick flip design, allowing the door to be reversed in a matter of seconds. The locking paddle latch will keep your dog safe and only requires one hand for opening and closing. The latch also prevents your pet from escaping and harming himself or your home.

Corner locking pins create a four-point connection for added safety. Heavy-duty handles allow for easy transport.


  • 5-Star Crash Test Rating
  • Escape-proof locking paddle latch (great for Heelers!)
  • Elevated pitched floor so water runs away from your dog


  • A reviewer complained of delivery issues
  • A reviewer complained of missing pieces or incorrect pieces delivered

MIM Variocage Single L – Most Crash-Tested Dog Travel Crate

MIM Safe Variocage is the most crash test certified and approved dog cage on the market and the most rigorously tested and proven dog transport cage in the world. MIM Safe Variocage is designed and constructed to deliver the highest level of safety.

The MIM Safe Variocage is the only dog cage on the market that is proven to best withstand impacts experienced during all types of collisions. Protect yourself, your family, and your pet from the devastating effects of a collision, where lesser restraints may allow your dog to become a deadly projectile within the vehicle.

Reduce the risks in a serious rear-end collision, where the Variocage mimics the function of the vehicle’s crumple zones, greatly diminishing the possible injuries to your dog and passengers. Don’t just take our word for it. The MIM Safe Variocage has been certified to meet or exceed stringent crash test safety standards established by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

The Variocage comes in 4 adjustable models and 14 sizes; there is sure to be one that fits your vehicle and the needs of your dog. Variocage includes a built-in key lock for security. Your dog will be able to be released via a unique escape hatch if an accident occurs.

All of the crate models are equipped with a rubber carpet for comfort, quiet, and ease of cleaning. Adjustable, telescoping length from 29.92 inches to 40.55 inches.

Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier – Best Air Travel Kennel

The Petmate Sky Kennel stays safe and durable during travel while keeping pets comfortable and stress-free. The heavy-duty plastic shell, non-corrodible wingnuts, extra strong steel wire, and interlocking door provide long-lasting protection.

The 4-way vault door offers extra security, keeping the door locked in place and safe for transport. The ventilation openings surrounding the kennel help keep pets comfortable by providing plenty of fresh air. The kennel also comes with a travel kit full of necessities, such as 2 “Live Animal” stickers, clip-on bowls, and ID stickers. The kennel comes in six sizes from 21″ to 48″ for all sizes of pets.

The larger sizes offer a vaulted door with a horizontal wire for extra security, while smaller sizes have a carrying handle for easier transport.

The kennel meets most airline cargo specifications for easy and safe travel, but pet owners should always check with individual airlines.

Unipaws Furniture Style Dog Crate End Table – Best Furniture Pet Crate

This attractive, stylish piece of furniture is multi-functional as it also serves as a dog crate. This product can serve as an end table, nightstand, or side table, in addition to being a fully comfortable and functional dog crate.

This product has double doors for easier entry and exit from the crate. Also makes it easier to remove the cushion for cleaning. The Unipaws Elegant medium dog crate also features an interchangeable panel that allows for the entrance to be installed on either side of the dog crate.

This furniture crate comes with three locks to ensure your pet is safely kept in the crate. This crate also comes with a very comfortable bolster bed for your pet’s comfort.

This product is constructed with MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) which is much stronger and more durable than particle board. This makes it heavier and more costly, however, the durability and attractiveness of this product were worth the tradeoff for Unipaws, as MDF provides better quality and attractiveness. Note: wood is not chew-proof!

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Crate for Your Dog

This section focuses on important considerations to make when selecting a dog crate. It is very important to consider various factors before purchasing a crate for your dog.

Will you be traveling a lot by car or plane with your dog? These are very important factors to take into account before purchasing a dog crate. Dog crates are not crash-tested. Your pet’s safety is a high priority so it is important to look for crates that are crash tested.

This is also important if you plan to fly with your pet as airlines seem to each have their own restrictions about transporting your dog. Be sure to check with your airline before you purchase your pet carrier for flying.

Traveling by car occurs much more frequently and it is important to consider your dog’s safety in case of a car accident. The size of your dog makes this a more difficult and expensive choice for people with medium and especially large breeds.

What Size Crate Should I Get For my Dog?

Your dog should be able to stand up, turn around, sit and lay down comfortably in his crate. Be sure to measure your dog correctly before selecting a crate. You want your dog to always be comfortable in his crate.

Measuring Your Dog For Correct Crate Fit

Your dog should be able to lie down on his side while in the crate. To measure your dog’s length, measure from the dog’s nose to his tail. Add from 2 to 4 inches to the length of the tail. To measure your dog’s height, measure from the top of the dog’s head to the ground while your dog is in a sitting position. Also, take the same measurement of your dog’s height while he is in a standing position. Use the largest of the two measurements for height.

Once you have measured your dog for the height and length measurements, add 4 inches to each and the result should be the size of the crate you select to properly fit your dog.

What is the Difference Between a Kennel and a Crate?

Dog crates are usually kept in one place somewhere in your home. They are frequently made of metal and can be taken down pretty easily and transported and set back up again.

Dog kennels may refer to enclosed, plastic transportable crates. However, dog kennels can also refer to an outside dog run that may include a dog house and some type of platform. Dog kennels in the latter sense are definitely not portable as compared to lightweight plastic-enclosed kennels.

Transportable dog kennels are usually made of lightweight material, possibly a lightweight metal or plastic. These types of kennels are made for transporting your dog from location to location. They are also frequently able to travel in the cargo section of a plane, though I would never recommend having a dog transported in that manner.

What Are Furniture Dog Crates

A furniture dog crate is a dog crate that is also a stylish piece of furniture that can look very nice in your home. While these crates are not transportable and most are not escape-proof, for those to whom style and elegance are very important, these crates do serve that purpose.

Most furniture dog crates are more expensive due to their stylish good looks. Sturdily built furniture crates are suitable for any size of dog. Many of these crates are also equipped with a removable plastic pan for easy cleaning. Sometimes these plastic pans can also be replaced if damaged or broken.

However, most furniture pet crates are not chew-proof. Therefore, your dog or puppy should already be crate trained before purchasing a furniture crate.

Crate Training a Puppy

Puppies should get used to their crate at a very young age. Crate training is convenient for housetraining. You should train your puppy to want to go into his crate so make it desirable for him to go into the crate. Dogs and Puppies usually love their crates once they are used to them.

Gradually get your puppy used to being in her crate for longer periods of time. However, never put him in the crate as punishment or that will defeat the purpose of the crate. The crate should feel like a safe, comfortable place for your dog or puppy to take a nap, or spend some time in without any distress.

Puppies and dogs should never spend prolonged periods of time in their crate. When getting your dog or puppy used to his crate put some toys and blankets into the crate that he is comfortable with. The goal is to get him to just go into his crate on his own to take a nap or play with a chew toy.

When housetraining your pup, you can line the floor of the crate with puppy pads to start off. However, in order to successfully housetrain your puppy, you will need to make it clear to him that he needs to do this outside. In order to accomplish this, you will need to watch your puppy carefully so you can tell when he needs to go outside.

Try to get to your pup before he goes so you can take him outside, let him go, and praise him. Eventually, he will catch on and realize he needs to go outside. If you have a dog door, get him comfortable using the dog door quickly so he can learn to go out on his own.

Selecting a Crate for a Puppy

Depending upon the breed of your puppy you may want to purchase a crate for your puppy that he can grow into. Some crates have partitions that can cut off a portion of the kennel to the puppy while he is still small. Then, as your puppy grows, you can move back the partition further and further until there is no longer a need to partition it. This could be a good solution and save you money if you have a large breed puppy.

You don’t really want to buy a new crate every time your dog grows and the crate becomes too small for him. Therefore, a partitioned crate is actually a great solution for any dog breed as long as you know how large your dog will be. For mixed-breed puppies, sometimes this is not known.

What is the Best Travel Crate for Dogs When Traveling by Car?

It is very dangerous to allow your dog to ride in a car without at least using a seatbelt harness to provide some protection. Unrestrained dogs distracting drivers have caused many accidents.

Many accidents are caused by the distraction of the driver by an unrestrained dog.

Wire crates are not suitable for transporting your dog in a car. Metal crates tend to collapse, and even strapped down crates the straps break and the crate can get thrown from the car. The crate can also injure the human passengers in the car.

Before 2011, Dog carriers and crates were not being tested for car accident safety. In 2011 the Center for Pet Safety began testing dog crates and carriers for car crashes. When they first started the testing, the majority of the crates and carriers failed miserably.

However, there are more secure methods of transporting your dog in a car. One fact that is certain is that it is much easier to protect small dogs in a crash than large dogs. While Heelers are considered to be medium-sized dogs, it may be slightly easier to find a secure transport method for your heeler.

What is the Best Travel Crate for Dog’s When Traveling by Air

The restrictions put forth by the IATA (International Air Transport Association) are very specific on what is and isn’t allowed. Unfortunately, unless your dog is small and can fit in a small pet carrier, you will not be allowed to have your dog with you in the cabin.

For small dogs, a few airlines even allow you to purchase a seat next to you for your pet’s container. Otherwise, the container must be shoved underneath the seat in front of you. You can even travel with two small dogs if you purchase the seat next to you for one of the pet carriers and put the second one underneath the seat in front of you.

This can allow you to periodically change which pet is riding next to you and which is underneath the seat in front of you.

Unfortunately, if you have a medium or larger dog, you will have to have your pet ride in the luggage hold. This can be very traumatic for some dogs. However, if you have a nervous or frightened dog, consider another mode of travel.

If you need to transport your dog by air, he must be in an IATA Compliant dog crate. Some of the requirements of these crates include metal nuts and bolts, food and water bowls attached to the crate, air holes on all 4 sides, visible documents about your pet, and absorbent pet lining. For more information on flying with your pet, please refer to the IATA, as they create the requirements.

What is important for you is to know if you are planning air travel with your dog, be sure you purchase an IATA-compliant crate.

Before traveling with your dog be sure to contact the airlines to get their latest rules for traveling by air for dogs.

What to Look for in a Crate or Kennel for an Australian Cattle Dog

Cattle Dogs are very sturdy and quite strong, so you need to look for a crate that is suitable for your Heeler’s strength. Fully grown Australian Cattle Dogs can weigh between 40 and 55 pounds. Therefore, be sure to look for a crate that will be able to hold your dog’s weight in case the crate needs to be lifted and carried.

Be sure to Look at Crates That are Dog Escape Proof

Your Heeler is one of the top ten most intelligent dog breeds. Your Heeler will easily be able to unlatch the simple latches that are on many crates. Therefore, you need to be extra careful that your crate is durably made and has a very secure dog-proof lock. You need more to ensure that your heeler doesn’t escape and run around destroying your furniture or injuring himself if he gets out.

Just be certain that the locks are very secure.

Make Sure the Crate is Well Ventilated

Enclosed kennels can sometimes not be well ventilated. You would probably be better off with a metal crate that gets plenty of ventilation. Also, your dog will be able to see everything around him when he is in his crate, which is preferred by most dogs.

Some dogs that are very nervous, and afraid may prefer to be enclosed. However, this can be achieved with a cover you can put over the crate rather than buying an enclosed crate.

Be Sure the Crate is Waterproof and Rustproof

Your cattle dog could frequently come home after an active day of running through many types of terrain, including water. Your crate will not sustain water damage or rust if your crate is waterproof and rustproof.

Another material that will take care of this problem is PVC or plastic. In addition, you can also protect your metal crate with an anti-corrosive.

Be Sure the Crate is Easy to Clean

Some crates can be difficult to thoroughly clean. Dirt can collect and remain hidden in places you don’t know about. Your pet’s health can be adversely affected if this dirt and bacteria are allowed to remain.

For this reason, be sure you get a crate that can be easily and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Regular sanitizing and cleaning of your dog’s crate will help prevent him from being exposed to germs and bacteria.

Final Thoughts

I hope these crate reviews and the buyer’s guide have provided you with sufficient information in order to select the best crate for your and your dog’s needs.

Please feel free to let me know by commenting below if you feel I have left out important information. Also, if you have found a really great crate that I have missed please let me know with your comments.

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