Best Dog Harnesses to Stop Pulling: 2022

Dog Wearing a Beautiful Purple Harness

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There are several factors to consider when selecting a harness for your dog. The main consideration is the purpose of the harness. Many dog sports require special harnesses depending upon the sport. This article describes some of the best dog harnesses to stop pulling.

All of the harnesses reviewed are highly rated and are excellent harnesses. We have selected 6 harnesses for review to show their comparable strengths and weaknesses for the purpose of training a dog not to pull during a walk.

Products Compared

Julius K9-IDC PowerHarness for DogsJulius-K9, IDC PowerHarness with Side Rings for DogsBest Harness Overall
Etsy NoPull Cushioned Breathable Dog Harness - Best Harnesses to Stop PullingNo Pull Cushioned Breathable Dog Harness Pink Clay Neoprene, PaddedMost luxurious, yet comfortable harness
Mighty Paw Padded Sports Reflective No Pull Dog Harness - Best Dog Harnesses to Stop PullingMighty Paw Padded Sports Reflective No Pull Dog HarnessBest no-pull harness for support without shoulder movement restriction
3 in 1 petsafe no pull harnessPetSafe Easy Walk Harness, Medium/Large, for DogsBest light weight no-pull harness
Brown Bronze Leather NoPull Breathable Dog HarnessNo Pull Breathable Dog Harness Bronze Brown Neoprene Leather DesignMost comfort and beauty for budget price
WINSEE No Pull Dog Harness with Side Rings, Reflective, Durable Soft Padded HandleWINSEE No Pull Dog Harness with Side Rings, Reflective with Durable Soft Padded HandleBest Harness for Large Dogs

Product Information and Reviews

Julius-K9, IDC PowerHarness with Side Rings for Dogs

The Julius-K9 IDC-Powerharness is a high-quality dog harness. It features reflective edges and chest strap, heavy-duty buckles, closable handle, side bag attachment option, flashlight holder, water repellent cover, phosphorescent, interchangeable patches with Julius-K9 Log, breathable with inner lining that is easy on your dog’s skin.

The side rings give you the option of attaching the leash on the side for less pulling or in the front, whichever works out better for you and your dog. You can also use the side rings for attaching saddle bags sold separately. It is also suitable for pulling light items, such as sleds. The heavy duty side rings will also support multiple dog lead attachments. You may also use the side attachments to secure your dog in the car with a seat belt adapter.

The harness is easy to use. It is made in Hungary from premium quality materials. Be sure to refer to the sizing chart below when ordering your new Julius-K9, IDC PowerHarness!

Size Chart

SizeChest CircumferenceWeight
3XS / Baby 129 – 36 cm / 1.5 – 14 inches0.8 – 3 kg / 2 – 7 pounds
2XS / Baby 333 – 45 cm / 13 – 17.5 inches2 – 5 kg / 5 – 11 pounds
XS / Mini-Mini40 – 53 cm / 15.5 – 20.5 inches4 – 7 kg / 9 – 15 pounds
S / Mini49 – 67 cm / 20 – 26.5 inches7 – 15 kg / 15 – 35 pounds
M / Size 058 -76 cm / 23 – 30 inches14 – 25 kg / 30 – 55 pounds
L / Size 163 – 85 cm / 26 – 33.5 inches23 – 30 kg / 50 – 70 pounds
XL / Size 271 – 96 cm / 28 – 37.5 inches28 – 40 kg / 65 – 95 pounds
2XL / Size 382 – 115 cm / 32.5 – 45.5 inches40 – 70 kg / 88 – 155 pounds
3XL/ Size 496 – 138 cm / 38 – 54.5 inches70 – 90 kg / 155 – 198.5 pounds

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Julius K9 IDC-PowerHarness for Dogs - Best Dog Harnesses to Stop Pulling


  • Size available to fit any dog
  • Made with durable premium quality materials
  • No pull options with side or front rings
  • Multiple options for using side rings, i.e. seat belt adapter
  • Adjustable allowing for growth of puppy


  • Cost is higher than others

No Pull Cushioned Breathable Dog Harness Pink Clay Neoprene, Padded

This cushioned, padded, No-pull dog harness is one of the most luxurious harnesses you will find. Your dog will love wearing this very comfortable harness and you will love walking her while experiencing the lack of pulling on your dog’s part.

This beautiful pink (or black) clay harness is easy to put on and comfortable enough for your pet to wear all day. It is made from a neoprene, stretchy material that can be adjusted by the neck and the chest for a great fit.

The harness features 3 leash attachment points, 1 in the front for less pulling, one at the top of the back of the neck and one at the bottom on the back. You can use one or both extra attachment points to carry poop bags or something else that won’t put a strain on your dog.

The harness is available in 2 colors, pink and black, and 3 sizes, small, medium, and large. A matching leash and coupler are also available to complete the set.

When measuring your dog for harness size, measure around her neck at the largest part. Measure her chest at the point just behind her front legs.

Sizing Chart

SizeNeckChestCommon Breeds
Small10 – 14 inches14 – 22 inchesminiature pinscher, chihuahua
Medium12 – 18 inches18 – 28 inchesKing Charles, toy Australian shepherd
Large16 – 21 inches24 – 38 incheslab, bulldog

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Australian Shepherd Wearning Pink Clay Cushioned NoPull Harness
Image Courtesy of Etsy. Featured Shop: PrimePaw


  • Comfort for your dog
  • 3 options for leash attachment
  • Made with stretchy Neoprene material
  • Adjustments available at neck and chest for a great fit


  • Price is on the high side

Mighty Paw Padded Sports Reflective No Pull Dog Harness

The Mighty Paw sport harness is made with weatherproof material and durable hardware to ensure its use for many years. The harness also features adjustable straps for a great fit, quick release buckles, and a padded handle for more control when required.

The harness has two leash attachment points, one in the front to reduce pulling and one in the back for running with your dog. The rear attachment can also be used as a seatbelt attachment to protect your dog during car rides.

The Mighty Paw harness also supports natural shoulder movement when your dog is running or walking. The harness supports the chest without restricting natural shoulder movement

This harness also features a mesh lining with soft sponge padding, for extra comfort. The chest piece is supportive without restricting any of your dog’s natural movement. This helps to keep your dog safe and comfortable. The harness also features reflective material along the entire length of the harness.

Sizing Your Harness

Measuring your dog accurately and correctly will ensure that you order the right size for your dog. Please follow instructions below and see sizing chart to determine the correct size.

Measure your dog around the widest part of your dog’s chest right behind the front legs with a cloth tape measure. Pull the tape snug but not tight. Measure your dog’s neck around the widest part of the neck. Be sure there is enough room to fit two fingers between the harness and your pet’s chest to allow for comfort.

Sizing Chart

SizeChest GirthNeck SizeRecommended Pet Weight
X-Small17 to 20 inches12 inchesup to 10 pounds
Small19 to 22.5 inches14.5 inches11 to 20 pounds
Medium22.5 to 26.5 inches17.5 inches20 to 50 pounds
Large28 to 39 inches20 inches50 to 90 pounds
X-Large35 to 49.5 inches22.5 inches90 pounds and up

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Mighty Paw Padded Sports Reflective No Pull Dog Harness


  • Made with weatherproof material and durable hardware
  • Front leash attachment reduces pulling
  • Rear leash attachment can be used for seat belt protection
  • Not restricting, very comfortable for your dog


  • Reviewers mentioned to fit the chest of the dog the neck is too big and has no adjustment

PetSafe Easy Walk Harness, Medium/Large, for Dogs

The Pet safe Easy Walk harness is easy to put on your dog. It clips in front with a martingale strap. The martingale strap tightens when the dog pulls and loosens up when he stops pulling.

The harness comes in many sizes and colors so you can be sure to get one that fits your dog correctly and you like the color of.

The harness is very light weight with breathable yet durable construction so it should continue to function for a long time. These hot summers you don’t want to add any additional heat or much weight to your dog and this harness is great for that purpose also.

This lightweight harness will be much cooler and more comfortable for your dog than many other harnesses due to its minimalist, yet extremely functional and effective design.

Protects Your Dog’s Throat

The harness rests across your dog’s chest, completely avoiding the throat area. This eliminates the possibility of harming your dog’s throat or esophagus, This is still a threat to your dog as long as you are using a collar or a harness that surrounds his throat.

The Quick-snap shoulder straps along with a different color belly strap make it simple to put the harness on your dog.

The PetSafe brand has been a trusted global leader in pet behavior, containment and lifestyle innovations for nearly 30 years. We help pets and their people live happy together. You will not need to worry about replacing your harness if it doesn’t fit your dog, as this company has excellent customer service.

Cleaning Instructions
Machine wash with similar color items in cold water on gentle cycles. Lay flat to dry.

Sizing Chart
SizeChest Girth
Petite6 to 7 inches12 to 16 inches
Petite/Small8 to 9 inches13 to 18 inches
Small8.5 to 11 inches15 to 21 inches
Small/Medium11 to 13 inches19 to 26 inches
Medium12 to 15 inches21 to 32 inches
Medium/Large14 to 18 inches24.5 to 34 inches
Large16 to 21 inches27 to 40 inches
X-Large17.5 to 23.5 inches32 to 50 inches

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PetSafe No Pull Pet Harness


  • Very lightweight and comfortable for your dog
  • Easy to put on your dog
  • Comes in many sizes for all dogs
  • Martingale strap across shoulders encourages dog to stop pulling


  • Reviewer mentioned that chest strap became loose too frequently

No Pull Breathable Dog Harness Bronze Brown Neoprene Leather Design

This classic harness is perfect for every season. It features a simple, yet beautiful design with leather detail.  It also has a breathable mesh lining for your dog’s comfort and is very lightweight.

This harness is handmade with Neoprene, vegan leather, and mesh. Very high-quality harness.

The harness has two leash attachment rings, one on the top and one in front to stop your dog from pulling.

Size Guide

XXS9.1 – 13 inches10.6 – 14.6 inches
XS10.6 – 14.2 inches14.2 – 18.9 inches
S13.8 – 17.3 inches16.1 – 21.3 inches
M15.4 – 20.1 inches18.1 – 24.4 inches
L16.5 – 22 inches22.4 – 32.7 inches
XL18.9 – 24.8 inches23.6 – 35 inches

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French Bulldog wearing bronze brown neoprene harness
Image Courtesy of Etsy. Featured Shop: thePETsRUS


  • Beautiful, classic harness
  • Very comfortable for dogs
  • Made with high-quality neoprene, vegan leather, and mesh


  • Several comments about sizing being off

WINSEE No Pull Dog Harness with Side Rings, Reflective with Durable Soft Padded Handle

The no-pull, choke-free WINSEE dog harness has 2 sturdy D rings, 1 in front for attaching a leash to, a front clip that prevents pulling, and a back one for more relaxed walking. The 2 D rings are reinforced on the extensional part of the harness which is not easily ripped off even by heavy pulling. Especially the metal buckle on the back gives you more safety.

The WINSEE pet harness trains dogs to stop pulling and control the behavior entirely with the side-ring design.  The harness is equipped with a strip of Molle sewn onto the back, which allows you to attach dog patches in training. Also perfect for service, police, or military dogs.

Greater visibility of the dog harness allows you and your dog to be seen during early morning or evening walks. The harness also has a sturdy handle on the front, which allows you to easily restrain your dog if it becomes necessary. Pulling pressure is evenly distributed across the dog’s body to prevent choking. The quick snap buckles make this harness very simple to put on and take off.

The fit of this harness can be customized for your dog using the slide adjusters on the chest and neck. Double stitching, plenty of reinforcement stitching at stress points, and plenty of padding for your dog’s comfort make this harness a great choice for your pet.

Keeping Your Pet Safe

Once way to keep your dog safe while walking on a leash is to use a no-pull harness with a side ring. When using a side ring, the dog can’t pull against the harness because it tightens across his chest. This harness is designed to provide maximum control while providing maximum comfort for your dog. This harness also doubles as a car tether to keep your dog restrained during rides.

If you are looking for a harness that will help you to control your dog and to direct his actions, the WINSEE harness with side rings and durable handle will be a perfect choice for you and your dog.

Size Chart
SizeNeck SizeChest SizeWeight of Dog
SMALL16 – 20.5 inches17 – 26 inches25 – 35 pounds
MEDIUM17 – 24 inches18 – 31.5 inches35 – 50 pounds
LARGE18 – 27 inches24 – 38 inches50 – 80 pounds
X-LARGE21 – 33 inches24 – 49 inches80 – 140 pounds

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WINSEE No Pull Dog Harness with Side Rings, Reflective, Durable Soft Padded Handle


  • Has side rings as well as back and front which provides choice of preference
  • Reflective harness keeps pets safe during dawn and night walks
  • Includes a sturdy handle to help restrain your dog
  • Very comfortable harness for your dog


  • Reviewer complained harness too bulky and didn’t stay fastened

My Selections for Best Harnesses

Here are my selections for the best choices of these harnesses for various categories. All of these harnesses have a front leash attachment which provides some ability to stop your dog from pulling. However, some are better than others at doing this. They also will protect your dog’s throat much more than just using a collar.

My personal opinion is that a side attachment is a preferable way to train your dog to stop pulling, however some believe that the front attachment will do the job just as well.

So, given that all of these harnesses are no-pull harnesses to some degree, some are better than others for differing reasons.

Here are my selections and categories for best selections for each of the harnesses reviewed above.

Best Large Dog Harness – WINSEE No Pull Dog Harness with Side Rings, Reflective with Durable Soft Padded Handle

Best light weight no-pull harness – PetSafe Easy Walk Harness for Dogs

Most luxurious, yet comfortable harness – No Pull Cushioned Breathable Dog Harness Pink Clay Neoprene, Padded

Provides most support no-pull without restricting shoulder movement – Mighty Paw Padded Sports Reflective No Pull Dog Harness

Most comfort and beauty for budget price – No Pull Breathable Dog Harness Bronze Brown Neoprene Leather Design

Best overall harness – Julius-K9, IDC PowerHarness with Side Rings for Dogs

The Julius-K9 IDC PowerHarness offers the most features with attachment points on the sides in addition to front and back. Side attachments are often preferred over front attachments for training dogs not to pull. The harness has a reflection strip, heavy-duty buckles, closable handle and a water repellent cover. It also has the option of using the side attachments to secure your dog in the car with a seat belt adapter. It is the most full-featured and well-made harness.

Dog Harness Buyer’s Guide

When selecting a harness for your dog there are several factors that must be considered. One major consideration is the purpose of the harness. Will the harness be used for a specific purpose such as a competitive event or training your dog to participate in a particular event.

Many dog sports, such as bike-joring, ski-joring, mushing, and cani-cross require specific harnesses for the sport. These sports are pulling sports that require a special harness that is made specifically for pulling without injuring the dog. Tracking is another sport that, while it may require some pulling, it does require your dog to lead the way and be out in front of you.

These special pulling harnesses distribute the pressure across the dog’s body evenly, so no part of the body is having to pull all the weight. These harnesses are also padded for extra comfort for the dog.

When your dog is learning obedience, she is taught not to pull, but instead to walk right beside you. When simply walking or running with your dog, you don’t want your dog to pull. It can be confusing for a dog that has just learned that she is not supposed to pull that she is supposed to pull only when engaging in particular activities.

One Way to Not Confuse Your Dog

One way to indicate this need for behavior change is training her in the pulling sports only when she is wearing her pulling harness.  Only put this harness on her when she will be training or participating in one of the pulling sports.

Otherwise, have her wear her standard collar or walking harness. Harnesses should never be left on a dog unless there is a need for a harness to control her when walking or running or participating in sports.

A harness is often a better choice for walking a dog also. Small dogs have especially delicate throats and when they are walking on a leash, they often see something ahead and want to go toward it which can cause harm to a dog’s neck.

This can also be true for any size dog as the larger sizes will pull harder and the collar could damage their throats as well. Certain breeds of dogs such as sighthounds and sighthound mixes have especially long and delicate necks that need to be protected from injury.

What To Look for when Selecting a Harness

If you are selecting a harness for walking your dog and your dog tends to pull on the leash, select a harness with a leash attachment in the front, rather than on the top of the harness. Front attachments provide better control when your dog is pulling and will protect her neck from harm as the pulling force is spread throughout the dog’s body rather than completely on her neck.

Lately, it has been determined that side leash attachments are even better than front attachments for training as they continually encourage your dog to walk in the right direction while walking

 and not to pull. Front attachments can put a strain on you when your dog is pulling.  Also, the leash can become entangled with the dog’s legs more easily.

Another benefit of a harness is that they are much more difficult for a dog to slip out of than a collar. Be sure to measure your dog correctly when selecting the size of the harness you have chosen.

Some harnesses come with a handle on top, which can assist you in holding back a difficult-to-control dog.  The handle can also help when walking an elderly dog that may require some help with walking or just assistance when getting up after a rest.

Should a Harness Have Padding?

Dogs with short hair (or hairless breeds) can benefit from the added comfort of a padded harness. However, padding in the summer heat can add to the discomfort of the heat. But to protect the skin of a short-haired or hairless dog, padding may be necessary.

Check the material to be sure it is not scratchy and will not irritate your dog’s skin. Also, be sure it is not made of cheap material as this will likely wear out sooner than a harness made from high-quality material. Harnesses made of better quality material are also less likely to be uncomfortable and scratchy on your dog’s body.

In consideration of the material also check the cleaning instructions for the harness. Leather harnesses are preferred by some because they can be treated over and over and causes less skin irritation.

However, some also prefer the simplicity of throwing a nylon harness into the washer to clean it. Much of this will depend also on your dog’s skin condition and which material provides the most comfort for your dog.

Another important consideration when selecting a harness is whether you walk her when it is dark. If you walk your dog in the very early mornings, dusk, or night, you should consider getting a harness with a reflective strip on it.  This will ensure that your dog is visible to drivers you encounter on your walks and is a very important safety concern for your dog.

More Considerations when Selecting a Harness

Another factor to consider is if you have a favorite leash that you want to use, will this leash be too long to provide adequate control using the new harness? Most likely if you use a standard 6-foot leather leash, it should be fine with whatever harness you select.

However, if you have a split leash for the purpose of walking 2 dogs, and you need to purchase 2 harnesses and select the side attachments, you will want to purchase one of the harnesses with the attachment on the right and the second harness with the attachment on the left.  This will give you the flexibility to continue using your split leash for walking both of your dogs at the same time.

Final Thoughts

I hope this dog harness review and buyers’ Guide have helped you to decide what harness to purchase for your dog to control her better and stop her pulling. Please feel free to add any harnesses that you feel should have been included in this review. Also, if you have any questions about these or other harnesses please feel free to ask in the comments section below.

If you ever take your dog to the beach, boating, or other water activities, you might be interested in reading about life vests for dogs.

Thank you for your time and consideration in reading this review.

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