First Time Dog Owner Essentials

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Please see Amazon Affiliate Disclosure. As an affiliate of Chewy and Etsy, I may also earn from qualifying purchases from these locations. Please see Affiliate Disclosure. If you have finally decided to add a dog to your family there are many first time dog owner essentials … Read more

How to Help a Fearful or Anxious Dog

This article discusses a problem that is common to many dogs for a variety of reasons. This article describes how to help a fearful or anxious dog. It also describes some of the body language that will tell you that your dog might display that will tell you that your dog is fearful or anxious. … Read more

Senior Dogs for Senior Citizens

Many shelters currently have or are in the process of developing programs in which older citizens can adopt senior dogs. Many older citizens live alone and feel very lonely. Senior dogs for senior citizens make a lot of sense. Senior dogs are very difficult to place because people usually want younger dogs and puppies when … Read more

Are Sighthounds Good Family Dogs?

Sighthounds include a wide variety of dog breeds so there are some differences among the various breeds. However, in general, the answer to the question, are sighthounds good family dogs, is some are and some aren’t. Most of them are very gentle, sensitive dogs. However, you need to look more specifically at the sighthound breed … Read more

Why Does My Dog Growl at Nothing?

Growling is the way a dog communicates that she is in pain, discomfort or frightened. Dogs have a much keener sense of smell and hearing than humans so it’s very likely that she either hears something or smells something that disturbs her. The answer to the question why does my dog growl at nothing is … Read more

Dog Tracking for Beginners

The sport of dog tracking is an excellent sport that increases your dog’s confidence. It also increases your bond with your dog and allows you to work together with your dog as a team. This article focuses mostly on dog tracking for beginners. However, we do discuss the various competitive titles available to compete for … Read more

6 Hypoallergenic Dogs Great for Families with Kids

As this article is focused on the best hypoallergenic dogs great for families with kids, we need to look through the list of breeds that are the least allergenic and select from that group the best dogs for kids. Besides the less allergenic quality you may prefer small, medium, or large dogs. You may also … Read more

What is a Reactive Dog?

A reactive dog and an aggressive dog are two very distinct types of dogs. What is a reactive dog? A reactive dog is reacting to certain specific situations that result in fear and stress. This could be just certain types of people, such as only children or men. Also, it could be only certain dogs, … Read more