Are Sighthounds Good Family Dogs?

Sighthounds include a wide variety of dog breeds so there are some differences among the various breeds. However, in general, the answer to the question, are sighthounds good family dogs, is some are and some aren’t. Most of them are very gentle, sensitive dogs. However, you need to look more specifically at the sighthound breed … Read more

6 Hypoallergenic Dogs Great for Families with Kids

As this article is focused on the best hypoallergenic dogs great for families with kids, we need to look through the list of breeds that are the least allergenic and select from that group the best dogs for kids. Besides the less allergenic quality you may prefer small, medium, or large dogs. You may also … Read more

How Can I Keep My Heeler Happy?

Red Heeler Doing an Agility Jump

It isn’t at all difficult to keep a heeler happy as long as you keep her busy. Heelers have an endless supply of energy and are highly intelligent dogs. So, in order to keep a happy heeler, you need to keep her physically and mentally occupied. This article explores several different ways to answer the … Read more

Australian Cattle Dog Behavior Issues

This article discusses some of the Australian Cattle Dog Behavior Issues that have been known to occur within this breed. I am not implying that all Australian Cattle Dogs have behavioral issues. Behavioral issues are more likely to occur when the owner is not fully informed of what to expect and what is required for … Read more

Australian Cattle Dog vs Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog on a Teeter - Australian Cattle Dog vs Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog

These two dog breeds have some similarities, however, they also are two very different breeds. The Australian Cattle Dog vs Stumpy Cattle Dog both are members of the herding dog AKC group so both are herding dogs. The Stumpy Tail Cattle dog is sometimes called ‘heeler’, ‘stump tail cattle dog’, ‘stumpy’, and ‘stumpy tail’. The … Read more

Best Dog Breeds for Emotional Support Animals

Emotional Support dog

It is a well-known fact that dogs can have a calming effect on the people interacting with them. Petting a dog can actually lower blood pressure. This article will answer the question, What is an emotional support animal? In addition, we will discuss what are the best dog breeds for emotional support animals. What is … Read more

What You Need to Know About Teacup Dog Breeds – Be Sure to Research Before you Purchase a Teacup Dog

Teacup Dog Yorkie

Be sure you look carefully into the breeder you purchase your teacup dog from. Ask to see the veterinary records of the mother and the father to be sure they aren’t sickly. Also, look into the reputation of the breeder to be sure this is a reputable breeder. Be sure you get good references before … Read more

AKC Dog Breed Groups and Their Characteristics

Basenji is part of the Hound group

The American Kennel Club (AKC) groups dog breeds by the functionalities they were originally bred for. As a result, most of the AKC dog breed groups and their characteristics have much in common with the other breeds within the same group. The current list of AKC dog breed groups is as follows: Sporting Group Non-Sporting … Read more

Border Terrier Characteristics

Border Terrier funny face - Border Terrier Characteristics

The Border Terrier is a small, rough-coated dog in the terrier group. Border terrier characteristics are like most characteristics of the Terrier Group.  Bred first as a fox hunter, the Border Terrier shares ancestry with the Dandie Dinmont and Bedlington Terriers. This small, alert, good-natured dog was originally bred to assist in foxhunts, driving foxes … Read more

Dog Breed Characteristics – What You Should Know Before Getting a Dog

Blue Heeler herding a head of cattle

Dog Breeds and Their Characteristics Selecting a dog for yourself or your family is something that should be taken very seriously. You really should do research into the various dog breeds and their characteristics before you select a dog based only on how cute they are–all puppies are cute.  There are hundreds of different dog … Read more