Why Does My Dog Growl at Nothing?

Growling is the way a dog communicates that she is in pain, discomfort or frightened. Dogs have a much keener sense of smell and hearing than humans so it’s very likely that she either hears something or smells something that disturbs her. The answer to the question why does my dog growl at nothing is … Read more

5 Sudden Canine Behavior Changes: What You Can Do to Help Your Dog

Senior dog howling - 5 sudden canine behavior changes

If your adolescent, middle-aged, or aging dog suddenly starts manifesting behaviors that you have never before seen in her, it is time to take notice. The behaviors can have many possible causes, however, certain types of behavior may point to different types of problems. This article discusses 5 sudden canine behavior changes and what you … Read more

Ways to Give Your Dog More Mental Stimulation

Dog playing Treibball - Ways to give your dog mental and physical stimulation

Dogs require both physical and mental exercise to be happy and healthy. This article explores ways to give your dog more mental stimulation to improve her quality of life. Suggestions are provided to improve mental stimulation. Keep in Mind your Dog’s Breed Dogs have been bred to excel at certain tasks based on their specific … Read more

Why Does my Dog Eat Everything in Sight?

Red Heeler sitting in a chair she destroyed - Why Does My Dog Eat Everything in Sight?

Does your dog or puppy eat anything and everything including inedible things such as dirt, rocks, clothing, and pretty much everything in sight?  It is normal for puppies to chew up and even eat pretty much everything puppies learn what things are and what is and isn’t food by putting everything into their mouths.  However, … Read more

7 Ways to Protect Your Dogs During Fireworks

Most Americans love the Fourth of July holiday!  They look forward to the parties, picnics, games, socializing with friends, and, of course, the fireworks.  Most people, including children, love and look forward to fireworks.  While people love and look forward to the fireworks, many dogs, on the other hand, are terrorized by them. If your … Read more

[VIDEO] Puppies That Absolutely, Positively Hate Baths

[VIDEO] Puppies that Absolutely, Positively Hate Baths

Puppies that Absolutely, Positively Hate Baths We all love hugging and kissing our furry babies, but sometimes they get a little muddy & smelly from playing outside.   However, according to the video, these are puppies that absolutely, positively hate baths. It is a fact of puppy life that most puppies really hate baths.  It’s just part … Read more