What is a Barn Hunt?

Australian Shepherd competing in a barn hunt

Barn Hunt is a fun sport that you and your dog can enjoy together. Most people living in urban areas will ask what is a barn hunt when exposed to this sport. However, people living in rural areas on ranches and farms will most likely be very familiar with this sport. They most likely have … Read more

Free Shaping Dog Training – Successive Approximations Model

Training dog to go to bed using free shaping

Free shaping is a type of dog training where behaviors are first broken down into smaller steps. Your dog is rewarded for successfully performing gradual steps using a marker, such as a clicker and rewards. Free shaping dog training relies on your dog’s problem-solving abilities to reach the desired behavior. This way your dog figures … Read more

Treibball Step by Step – The Ultimate Guide to Urban Herding

puppy learning treibball

This article describes the competitive sport of treibbal step by step in detail. We also, describe the rules, the goal of the sport, and the equipment required. We also discuss the training needed for this sport. In addition, we describe how trainers train their dogs for competition or a fun game to play with your … Read more

Ways to Give Your Dog More Mental Stimulation

Dog playing Treibball - Ways to give your dog mental and physical stimulation

Dogs require both physical and mental exercise to be happy and healthy. This article explores ways to give your dog more mental stimulation to improve her quality of life. Suggestions are provided to improve mental stimulation. Keep in Mind your Dog’s Breed Dogs have been bred to excel at certain tasks based on their specific … Read more

Best Dog Breeds for Emotional Support Animals

Emotional Support dog

It is a well-known fact that dogs can have a calming effect on the people interacting with them. Petting a dog can actually lower blood pressure. This article will answer the question, What is an emotional support animal? In addition, we will discuss what are the best dog breeds for emotional support animals. What is … Read more

Dog Agility Training for Beginners

Border Collie running weave poles at agility event

This article is directed at dog lovers who would like to know more about dog agility. Dog agility training for beginners discusses what it is and how you and your dog can get started in dog agility. I will discuss the equipment used and how you can start training your dog at your home using … Read more

New Dog Owner Guide – What First-Time Dog Owners Should Know

two Greyhounds - New Dog Ownder's Guide

Are you considering getting a dog or puppy and have never experienced dog ownership before? First of all, I would like to congratulate you for considering before getting a dog or puppy. The purpose of this new dog owner guide is to provide first-time dog owners information with information about responsible dog ownership. Responsible pet … Read more

What is the Most Effective Dog Training Method?

Training a dog to do a high five - hat is the most effective method of dog training?

This article discusses a few of the most widely used training methods. However, I believe that positive reinforcement is the most effective dog training method. I will discuss why I believe this to be true. There are several schools of thought when it comes to dog training. They may be called something different but they … Read more

What You Need to Know About Teacup Dog Breeds – Be Sure to Research Before you Purchase a Teacup Dog

Teacup Dog Yorkie

Be sure you look carefully into the breeder you purchase your teacup dog from. Ask to see the veterinary records of the mother and the father to be sure they aren’t sickly. Also, look into the reputation of the breeder to be sure this is a reputable breeder. Be sure you get good references before … Read more