Human Foods Your Puppy Should Never Eat

Human Foods Your Puppy Should Never Eat

Let’s face it—puppies are not known for being fussy eaters.  Some puppies will eat anything and everything they can get into their mouth.  This isn’t a big problem with many human foods, but there are a few human foods your puppy should never eat. We are all aware that puppies cannot eat chocolate.  While a tiny … Read more

How Treats Affect Your Puppy’s Diet

How Treats Affect Your Puppy's Diet

You must learn how treats affect Your puppy’s diet.  This is critical information that you need to ensure the health of your baby.  You know the importance of choosing a healthy diet for your pet. You have taken the time and effort to consult with the veterinarian about a healthy and nutritious puppy food. Whether … Read more

How To Choose a Healthy Puppy Diet

Choosing a healthy puppy diet can be confusing and difficult if you let it. The pretty packaging and marketing can blur our perception of a product. Your puppy’s diet is the most basic way to keep your pet healthy and happy for the years to come. It is essential that you find a diet that … Read more

Puppy Allergies: Common Symptoms To Watch Out For

Puppy Allergies: Common Symptoms To Watch Out For

Puppy Allergies:  Common Symptoms to Watch Out For Puppies that have allergies show many signs including watery eyes, coughing and sneezing; excessive scratching and biting, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, and moodiness. When your puppy is suffering from allergies, you may notice one or more of these symptoms. Learning what causes these allergies is the first step … Read more

Training Your Puppy: Four Options To Consider

Training Your Puppy Four Options to Consider

When training your puppy there are four options to consider: enrolling in a class, sending the puppy away to be trained, training on your own, or working individually with a trainer. Whatever method you choose, the most successful training philosophies are the ones that use positive reinforcement rather than a punishment-based method. There are a variety of … Read more