Creating Puppy Memories with Scrapbooking

dog wearing a disguise -creating puppy memories with scrapbooking

Our pets are part of our families and our memories. They enrich our lives. By creating puppy memories with scrapbooking you will preserve the special moments you share with them. Consider these scrapbooking pet page ideas to make a scrapbooking album just for your pet photos.

Everyone remembers the excitement of bringing home a new pet. Make a scrapbooking page about their first night at home. You can include pictures of your pet’s new bed and any toys you bought for your pet. Photos with each family member should be highlighted as well. Journal your thoughts about how you selected your new companion and what inspired you to choose its name.

Another scrapbooking pet page idea is to capture your pet’s personality on a page. This can be done through photos and journaling. Puppies might be lazy, energetic, or neurotic. Consider your pet’s behavior. Funny stories and memories would be a great addition to your journaling.

Capture Your Puppy’s Unique Personality to Enjoy Forever

Create a scrapbooking page of pet memorabilia. You can use pockets and envelopes on your pages to add tufts of fur, old ID tags, baby teeth, and labels from your pet’s favorite food or treats. A pet-themed album can preserve your pet’s adoption papers, paw print impressions, veterinary records, and obedience training awards and certificates.

Obedience classes are great photo opportunities. Design pages that show your pet’s progress through training courses. More people are involving their puppies in classes beyond basic obedience. Many active owners participate in agility training, flyball, and rally competition. Don’t forget to include photos of these events in your puppy’s album.

Pets are part of our holiday celebrations. Create a Halloween page with your puppy in a costume. Around the holidays, pet stores often offer pictures of pets with Santa. Pages of a puppy playing in the wrapping paper on Christmas morning or sleeping under the tree can be part of both your holiday album and your pet-themed scrapbook.

Don’t Forget to Capture Your Puppy’s First Birthday and Holidays

Document your pet’s firsts like your puppy’s first visit to the veterinarian or your puppy’s first bath. Photograph your puppy’s growth over its first year. Create a “day in the life” page for your pet. Meals, naps, and play times can be more opportunities to show your pet’s behavior and personality in photos. Celebrate your pet’s birthdays complete with cards, presents, and cake. Then, make birthday scrapbooking pages for your album.

Scrapbooking manufacturers are responding to requests for pet-themed albums and embellishments. Most craft stores stock puppy stickers and some even offer small animal stickers. Patterned papers come with puppy themes. You can find materials for page accents, like die cuts, brads, ribbons, and stamps, designed for pet pages, as well.

Owning a pet is a relationship and a commitment. Pets provide companionship and their lives become part of ours. A pet-themed album is a reflection of your bond with your pet. Think about pet scrapbooking page ideas that capture the essence of your relationship with your pet. Make the next scrapbooking album one that celebrates the special moments you and your pet share.

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