Fun Activities For You and Your Dog

How many times have you been at home with your dog but not really paying enough attention to her? You know this because she may whine occasionally, or bring a ball or a toy to you. But you can’t really think of anything to do that would entertain her. What can you do to entertain your dog? Here are some suggestions of fun activities for you and your dog that will keep her from getting bored.

Is Your Dog a High Energy Breed? Try a Flirt Pole

This will give her a great workout and keep her interested and active. Flirt poles are inexpensive toys that will keep your dog entertained as long as you can keep up.

This will give her a great workout and keep her interested and active. Flirt poles are inexpensive toys that will keep your dog entertained as long as you can keep up.

Play Hide the Treat Game

Your dog will love this game because it involves food. Get some treats that your dog loves and hide one in a not-too-difficult place to find. You want to make it easy for your dog at first to find the treat so she will feel good about this game.

Continue hiding treats, but gradually make them harder to find, not too hard as you don’t want your dog to give up. When your dog finds each of the treats, praise her and, of course, let her eat the treat to reward her.

Play Interactive Games

dog playing with puzzle toy. Fun activities for you and your dog.
dog playing with a puzzle toy

Whether you play indoors or outside, interactive games such as tug-of-war, puzzle games, and fetch are great for your dog. Interactive games are an easy way to give your dog mental stimulation and they help reduce problem behaviors like excessive chewing or barking.

You can play fetch indoors or outdoors if your dog loves to play fetch. A game of tug-of-war is also a lot of fun for dogs, and it’s a great way to give your dog a good workout. It’s also one of the more physically active games to play.

Puzzle games are also great for keeping your dog mentally stimulated, as well as keeping her occupied solving a puzzle.

Teach Your Dog the Names of Her Toys

Start by playing with one of her toys and give it a name as you are playing with the toy. Practice with this toy and praise her for playing with the toy. When she has played with the toy for a while, assign the toy a name. For example, if you are playing with her ball start calling it out as you play.

Once your dog knows the toy’s name you can start seeing if she can pick out the ball, or whatever toy you selected, among her other toys. Continue working with her until she can easily pick out the toy among her other toys. However, don’t train her for too long at a time or she may lose interest.

Take a play break between training sessions so she doesn’t get bored.

Play in the Snow With Your Pup

If you live in an area where it snows, then don’t let the snow keep you from going outside and playing in the snow. Make sure your dog is protected from the cold by a coat if she doesn’t already have a thick coat of fur. Throw a few snowballs towards her and watch her try to pick up the snowball and bring it to you. Or make a snowman and snowdog with your dog.

Teach Your Dog Tricks Using Clicker Training

Try teaching your dog a few tricks using clicker training and positive reinforcement. The purpose of the clicker is to let your dog know exactly which behavior you’re rewarding. By clicking at the right time, you can “mark” the moment your dog did what you wanted. So rather than having to guess what you liked, the click tells your dog exactly what they did correctly. For example, if you’re training your dog to sit, you would click at the moment your dog’s rear end hits the ground.

Play With Bubbles With Your Dog

Make bubbles for your dog and watch her chase them. Just go to any store and look in the toys section and there should be some kid’s bubble-making toy. That is all you need for an inexpensive way to entertain your dog. Note: Be sure the bubbles do not contain any ingredients that are harmful to dogs.

This will give her something really different and fun to do while also giving her some mental and physical stimulation. She will love doing this you may not be able to stop once you introduce her to playing with bubbles!

Try Stuffing a Kong Toy

If you have to do some work but want to keep your dog entertained, try giving her a Kong toy stuffed with treats. You can stuff the Kong toy with anything as long as it is healthy food for your dog. Once you have stuffed the Kong toy, then freeze it and give it to your dog. This should keep her entertained for a while, digging treats out of the toy. She won’t get bored with this game either, as there is food involved.

Final Thoughts

There is no end to the things you can do with your dog for fun that will keep her from being bored as well as give her mental and physical stimulation. These are only a few of the wide variety of activities to do with your dog for fun. If you are looking for something special to do with your dog on a Holiday such as Labor Day, here are some ideas.

If you have a child with allergies read about some great choices of hypoallergenic dogs that would be great family dogs.

If you are up to doing something more active and to get you and your dog into good shape try a dog-friendly mud run.

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