How do I get my Dog Excited About Toys?

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Believe it or not, not all dogs love toys right away. If you’ve had your dog since he was a puppy and played with him regularly, he will likely love toys. However, if you adopted or rescued your dog then you may have a dog that doesn’t like toys. You might be wondering, how do I get my dog excited about toys?

This article describes how you can get your dog interested in toys. I will also show you a few dog toys that you may want to get for your dog. Hopefully, these toys and your playing with him will get him to become interested in and love toys.

My Experience Getting a Dog Excited About Toys

I have experienced this first hand with my dog whom I adopted at age 1. He was extremely fearful and timid. I adopted him from a local rescue group who had rescued him from a high-kill “shelter”.

He is a beautiful Australian Cattle Dog who had been dumped at this horrible so-called shelter along with his mother and sister. His mother and sister were rescued or adopted and he was left on his own, scared to death.

Fast forward at least 3 months and he was less timid around me and especially around my other dog, who was extremely helpful in getting him more relaxed. However, he didn’t show any interest in toys. It will take some time to get a fearful dog like this to even trust you let alone play with you.

With Time and a Variety of Toys, You Will Get Your Dog Excited About Toys

Be patient, but continue to try and introduce toys to him, and eventually, he will get more comfortable with you and with toys. It may take some time and several different toys but you will eventually find something he likes.

Start off with soft squeaky toys. Play with the toys and try to get his interest. Squeak them and throw them and show him how to play with the toys. If he is a fearful dog, don’t try and push anything at him just show him how to play with the toys.

Rescues Need More Patience

If he is a rescue, it is likely he has either forgotten about toys or never had them. You might also try a ball. Make sure the ball is small if he is a small dog. At first, just roll the ball around and show him how much fun it is to play with.

Toys are very important for dogs. Chewing gives them mental stimulation, especially trying to get treats from a toy. This is a puzzle for them to use their minds to solve.

If your dog liked the squeaky toys at all, or maybe showed interest in the squeak, look for a ball that is soft and squishy and squeaks. Hopefully, after showing him how to play with a few different types of toys you will find at least 1 type of toy he likes.

Here are a few suggestions of toys to try to get your dog interested. If you already have a dog that loves toys, these suggestions will be great for him too! I am also displaying a few other items that might help a stressed or anxious dog or any dog for that matter.

Active Rolling Ball – Anti-Anxiety Automatic Moving Ball

This ball will reduce your pet’s anxiety and give him a good toy to get interested in. Start playing with your pup with this ball consistently and see what happens.

The ball is battery-operated so it moves on its own to get your pup’s interest. It comes with four different plush, removable washable covers in different colors.

Anti Anxiety battery operated ball toyAnti Anxiety battery operated ball toy showing 4 washable covers in different colorsAnti Anxiety battery operated ball toy, opened up showing battery with cover removal

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  • Keep your pet anxiety-free
  • A great fun activity for a puppy, or dog of any age
  • Perfect exercising therapy
  • Free Shipping


  • No battery included
  • Some had difficulty getting the ball apart for the battery

The ball is easily removed from one cover and placed into another which enables the ball covers to be washed. The ball is easily taken apart to replace the battery as needed. This ball even cleans up small trash from the floor.

Bouncing Frisbee Ball Interactive Dog Toy

Another toy that might interest your dog is this interactive toy that you and your dog can play with together. It is a squishable ball that becomes a frisbee. It also has ropes and cloth handles to play tug-of-war. Your pup could not resist this fun toy. If you have another dog, the other dog will surely try and get your pup to play with this toy.

The ball squishes together and becomes a frisbee for several seconds then bounces back to a ball.

Interactive squishable ball - How do I get my dog excited about toysInteractive squishable ball - How do I get my dog excited about toysInteractive squishable ball - How do I get my dog excited about toysInteractive squishable ball - How do I get my dog excited about toys

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  • Made of soft plastic
  • Nylon rope and cotton chew ropes
  • Interactive dog toy
  • A squashable ball that becomes a frisbee
  • Good game for dog’s teeth cleaning too
  • Effective for dog-owner interaction
  • Free Shipping


  • Not for heavy chewers
  • Best for dogs under 40 lbs or soft chewers if a larger dog

Dog Cooling Sofa Bed

After playing, all dogs need to rest, especially if it’s a hot day. This dog-cooling sofa bed will be a great place for your dog to cool off on hot days. Made with viscose fiber, the bed dissipates heat quickly and keeps it cooler than the usual dog bed.  A built-in pillow makes it relaxing for your pet to lie down. It is comfortable and soft, so it won’t cause pain or restlessness to your four-legged friend.

Comes in two sizes.

Small: 23.6 X 15.7 inches (approx. 60 X 40 cm)

Large: 31.5 X 23.6 inches (approx 80 X 60 cm)

Dog Cooling Sofa Bed - How do I get my dog excited about toysDog Cooling Sofa Bed - How do I get my dog excited about toysDog Cooling Sofa Bed - How do I get my dog excited about toys

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  • Pet sofa bed
  • Universal for dogs and cats
  • Dissipates heat quickly
  • Comfortable to sleep and rest
  • Relaxing cooling effect for pets
  • Free Shipping


  • Too small for large dogs

Toothy Dog Chew Toy

If your pup shows no interest in toys but loves food and treats, this toy could just be the toy that gets his interest. This is a ball with grooves and rubber teeth that allow you to fill it with treats for your pup to really grab his attention!

This is a durable, non-toxic chew toy. It is perfect for keeping your dog engaged in chewing, nibbling, and licking. Keep your dog entertained for long periods of time trying to dig out those delicious treats!

The toy comes in 2 sizes: Large and Small

Dog playing with a Toothy Dog Chew Toy - How do I get my dog excited about toysToothy Dog Chew Toy - How do I get my dog excited about toysToothy Dog Chew Toy - How do I get my dog excited about toysDog sniffing treats in a Toothy Dog Chew Toy - How do I get my dog excited about toys

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  • Fill it with your dog’s favorite food and watch your dog playfully, trying to get every bit of food out of the ball.
  • Eliminates plaque from dog’s teeth and gums
  • Strong, durable, non-toxic toy built for long-lasting use
  • Free Shipping


  • Not for aggressive chewers

Final Thoughts

These are just four of many excellent choices for toys and a cooling bed for your dog. I will be presenting more dog toys and other dog products to choose from.

These toys will be very helpful in getting your pup interest in toys, as well as cooling him off in hot weather. These products are also great for dogs that already love toys!

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