Keep Your Puppy Cool In The Summer

How to Keep Your Puppy Cool in the Summer

The summer months are a busy time for puppy owners with summer vacations. Now that the hot weather is coming, don’t forget these hot weather safety tips.  Don’t forget the importance of keeping your puppy cool in the summer.

For outside puppies, make sure they have plenty of shade. Make sure they have access to plenty of cool water. If your puppy travels with you, bring along some water in a gallon container and a bowl. Never leave your puppy in a vehicle on a hot day. Even with the windows open, the temperature inside a car can exceed 120 degrees. Avoid strenuous exercise on extremely hot days. Condition and train your puppy in the early mornings or evenings, when the heat is less intense. Make sure your puppy’s vaccinations are up to date. Puppies tend to stay outdoors longer and come into contact with other animals more during the summer months. Keep puppies off lawns that have been chemically treated or fertilized for 24 hours. Mosquitoes, which carry heartworm disease, along with fleas and ticks, are more prevalent in warmer months.

Hidden Danger Your Puppy Could Encounter

Chlorine from pools and bacteria from streams, lakes, and ponds can be toxic to a puppy’s system. Always rinse your puppy after swimming to remove the chlorine.   Be sure to verify that any bodies of water your puppy may drink from or swim in are free of contaminants.  When you are traveling check in advance about the water quality and the temperature of your intended destination.

If you are planning to fly to your vacation spot be sure to also check your airline in advance.  Many airlines will not ship animals during the summer months due to the dangers caused by hot weather. Delta will only allow pets to fly when the temperature is under 85f for all legs of the trip. Check with your airlines for specific rules regarding flying with pets.  Always be sure to ship your puppy in airline-approved shipping crates.  If flying is necessary it is recommended to take your puppy with you in a pet carrier that is the correct size of carry-on luggage.  It really is not at all recommended to fly your dog as cargo.

Be sure to take a lot of photos of your pup when you travel as it is really enjoyable to look at photos from a few years back and see how much your puppy has changed.  Read this for ideas of what you can do with these photos:  Creating Puppy Memories with Scrapbooking.

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