Labor Day Weekend with your Dog

Cute brown dog wearing a Tool Belt and hard hat and carrying a flag in his mouth for Labor Day

Labor Day weekend in the US was traditionally known for being the last holiday before kids go back to school. It marked the end of summer and the beginning of fall. However, there have been so many changes in the past several years that much of this has changed. However, you can still have a fun Labor Day Weekend with your dog in spite of extreme heat.

Climate change has come with extreme weather making it necessary to take breaks when you can. That is when you have weather that isn’t flooding or burning you out of your home. One thing that appears to be true globally is very hot weather is appearing in many places that ever before. Many countries have never experienced temperatures this high and are not prepared to live like this. Air conditioning is rare in many of these countries as they have never needed it before.

Also, the pandemic continues to adversely affect the economy, including gas prices, the supply chain, and more. In addition, airline travel is becoming more difficult due to understaffing and overbooking. Traveling any kind of distance has become more of a challenge.

Here are a few suggestions for things to do where you can remain cool without having to travel too far. You and your best 4-legged friend can still enjoy Labor Day, or any day even if the weather is hot.

Take Your Dog to a Lake or Beach for Labor Day

You likely live close enough to a water body that you won’t have to use much gas to go to. Even dogs that don’t usually like the water will gratefully lie down in a shallow water body to cool off.

If you can find a hiking trail that follows a creek or stream then this is ideal. You and your dog can hike while never being too far away from cool, refreshing water to cool off in. Your dog will most likely love spending a day with you hiking and playing in the water.

If you Live Close to a Beach, Take your Dog to a Dog Beach For Labor Day

Dog Wearing Hard Hat Pushing Wheelbarrow full of dirt with a shovel in the dirt. A bird wearing a hard hat is sitting on the shovel handle

Another great way to have fun with your dog is spending the day at a Dog Beach closest to you. This will be more difficult if you live inland. However, there are many miles of coastline many of which are marked off as ‘Dog Beaches’.

If you live closer to a coastline, then a dog beach may be a better choice for you. Dog beaches vary a lot in amount of space allocated for dogs. My favorite one that is still a little far from me. It is in Ocean Beach, California which is in San Diego County about 60 miles south of where I live. This beach is very safe because the sand is very large and is quite far away from traffic.

Ocean Beach has a portion of the beach where there are waves for dogs that like to play in the waves. In addition, another large portion of the beach is a bay with no waves for dogs that just want to swim to retrieve a toy or just get themselves cooled off. The sand portion is so large there is plenty of room to play frisbee or fetch with your dog if she prefers land sports.

Just having all that water there to guarantee your dog stays cool is very reassuring in this time of extreme heat, especially if you have a dog that will continue to exercise beyond where she should. If this is the case then watch for signs of hypothermia, or overheating.

Kiddie Pool in your Backyard

Dog Wearing hard hat and work boots carrying an electric Drill

If you have scanned your local map up, down, and sideways and are unable to find any places that allow dogs. Or if they do allow dogs, don’t have any bodies of water close enough for your dog to cool off in. If this is the case, then it might be best to just invest in a kiddie pool and play with your dog in your backyard.

You can still give your dog a fun day and keep her from getting overheated. You can play her favorite games with her, and have the kiddie pool filled with plenty of water for her to keep cool in.

Even if you don’t have air conditioning, the pool will provide water for her to stay cool. Just be sure to watch her so she doesn’t become overheated. Especially if she is a “play until you drop” kind of dog, such as an Australian Cattle Dog.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few suggestions of how you can spend a fun day or Labor Day or weekend with your dog. These ideas don’t have to be saved for a holiday, as they are just suggestions of how to give your dog some enjoyment in extreme heat without the danger of her getting overheated.

Here are a few additional ideas to keep your dog cool in the heat.

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