Top 5 Hands-Free Dog Leashes: 2022 Reviews

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Young child walking a dog with a hands free leash in the snow - Top 5 Hands-Free Dog Leashes

This article describes 5 of the top rated hands-free dog leashes for 2022. These leashes are not specific to running or cycling, as those can be more specialized. A buyer’s guide is also included that discusses what to features to look for when selecting a hands-free dog leash.

It is not recommended that you use a hands-free leash unless your dog is already leash trained. All of these hands-free dog leashes are highly-rated.

Hands-Free Dog Leashes

iYoShop Hands Free Dog Leash with PouchiYoShop Hands Free Dog Leash with Zipper Pouchbest budget-friendly hands-free leash
DOCO Heavy Duty Hands Free LeashDOCO Heavy Duty Hands Free Dog Leashbest-overall hands-free leash
PooDoo Hands Free Dog Leash EtsyPooDoo Hands Free Dog Leashmost versatile hands-free leash
Pawtitas Hands Free Dog Leash EtsyPawtitas Dog Leash Handsfree Reflectivemost comfort-providing hands-free leash
TuffMutt Hands Free Dog LeashTuff Mutt Hands-Free Bungee Leashrunner-up for best-overall hands-free leash

Product Information and Reviews

iYoShop Hands Free Dog Leash with Zipper Pouch

The iYoShop Hands Free Leash is well equipped with 2 shock absorbers to help reduce the effects of your dog’s pulling on you and on your dog. This leash also has 2 padded handles, one close to you in case you need to gain back some control, and another closer to your dog to shorten the amount of leash she has for more control in more crowded areas.

This leash also features reflective threading for safety during early morning and late-night walks. It is also very durably constructed with a 2-inch heavy duty clip for increased safety and a convenient D-ring to attach items such as poop bag dispensers, or clickers, or whatever you need. This leash also comes with a removable zipper pouch where you can place your phone, keys, dog treats, and more poop bags.

The leash can slide around the waist belt using a metal clip, which is good for dogs that like to change which side of you they walk on. This free-sliding leash keeps you from tripping over your dog if she suddenly decides to switch sides.

The iYoShop Hands-free comes with a waist belt fits waist or hip size from 27 inches to 48 inches and the leash length goes from 51 inches and stretches to 68 inches long. The belt and leash lengths are the same for small, medium, and large sizes.

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iYoShop Hands Free Dog Leash with Pouch


  • 2 handles for added control
  • Comes with pouch to carry phone, keys, etc.
  • 2 shock absorbers to reduce affects of dog pulling


  • Several reviewers complained of the size of the pouch being too small

DOCO Heavy Duty Hands Free Dog Leash

The DOCO hands free dog leash is constructed with 100% high-end nylon with stitching that is made to last. It was made especially for medium and large dogs so it is built for heavy-duty usage.

The waist belt is also built for comfort. It is 1.25 inches wide with an adjustable length of between 26 inches and 48 inches. The waist belt has several pouches that are made to hold various items that a dog walker might want to have with them but not in their hands. The pouches can hold a phone, money, cards, dog treats, poop bags, and even a small water bottle.

The points of connection from the leash to the dog’s harness or collar, and from the leash to your waist belt are made of 360-degree heavy-duty zinc alloy snap with a black finish.

This leash is constructed for maximum shock absorbency that allows elasticity during jogging. The 2 handles, which are provided for maximum control, are padded with soft neoprene material.

The DOCO hands-free leash also includes reflective material to ensure high visibility in several areas including the zipper, the nylon, and the logo.

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DOCO Heavy Duty Hands Free Leash


  • Very comfortable waist belt
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Shock absorbing leash decreases affects of pulling


  • A reviewer complained that leash clip broke on first day

PooDoo Hands Free Dog Leash

These leashes are handmade using water resistant, reflective, variable patterns, lightweight strong webbing, vinyl back pocket, reflective fabric, and canvas. The reflective fabric makes it safer to walk your pup during early morning or after dark.

The Poo Doo leash is 7 feet long. However, the length is reduced by the length of leash that is used by attaching it around your waist. It attaches around your waist using a locking carabiner, or clip. The leash can also be used as a regular leash without losing any length. However, it will not be hands free if you choose this option.

The leash can also be easily shortened by using the tabs sewn on for increased adaptability.

The leash comes with a see-thru vinyl black bag attached to it that will hold poop bags, a phone, dog treats or whatever you want to use it for.

The leash can also be used to walk multiple dogs by adding multiple splitters to walk as many dogs as you like.

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PooDoo Hands Free Dog Leash Etsy
Image Courtesy of Etsy. Featured Shop: PooDoo


  • Very durably made
  • Versatile dog leash
  • Reflective fabric for safety during night walks


  • Leash loses length when used as hands free

Pawtitas Handsfree Reflective Dog Leash

This leash is handmade with nylon and black nickel. It is also ergonomically designed for comfort and fit. Neoprene padding is added to the belt and the leash handle. The product is constructed with durability and strength by using a single piece of rip-stop nylon to increase the tensile strength. The reflective ribbon and neoprene are sewn on.  The product is then folded over and reinforced for strength and durability. This product is a great choice for any pet.

The leash is highly reflective as the stitching is 65% polyester and 35% cotton and is designed to reflect ambient light in extreme low light conditions, providing maximum visibility when they needed the most.


The waist belt is 1 inch (2.5 cm) thick for all sizes. The belt length ranges from length 33.46″ to 53.15″ (85-135 cm).

The Leash Width is 1 Inch (2.5 cm) with the leash length ranging from 37.40″ to 62.99″ (95-160 cm).

The belt fits men waist sizes from 30 – 51, and women from size 2 – 14.

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Image courtesy of Etsy. Featured Shop: Pawtitas


  • Very high-quality construction
  • Shock absorbing bungee leash
  • Very comfortable waist belt and leash handle


  • Only has 1 handle, ideally should have 2

Tuff Mutt Hands-Free Bungee Leash

The Tuff Mutt hands-free bungee leash is a 48-inch leash that stretches out up to 60 inches. In addition, It’s also designed to absorb shock, which decreases the effects of your dog pulling. The leash attaches to the adjustable waist belt by a heavy-duty clip. The adjustable waist belt fits waist sizes up to 42 inches. The slide belt clip allows your dog to keep changing his mind about which side of you he wants to walk on without any adverse effects on you.

The leash features 2 control handles to keep your dog in close in crowded areas. The waist belt is a light-weight comfortable belt that won’t weigh you down. The leash also features 3 seams of bright, reflective stitching provide safety during your early morning and evening walks or runs.

This leash will best fit medium and large dogs. So, to get the best results from this leash your dog should weigh at least 30 pounds.

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TuffMutt Hands Free Dog Leash


  • Slide clip allows dog to change sides without impacting you
  • Has 2 control handles
  • Shock absorbing bungee leash


  • Several reviewers complained of leash clip attachment to dog breaks

My Selections for Best Hands-Free Leashes

Here are my selections for the best hands-free leashes for various categories.

My selection for the best-overall hands-free leash is the DOCO Heavy Duty Hands Free Dog Leash. This leash offers plenty of safety features along with a comfortable waist belt and 2 padded control handles. The pouches offer plenty of room to carry as much or as little as you choose with you on your walk or run.

My selection for the best budget-friendly hands-free leash is the iYoShop Hands Free Dog Leash with Zipper Pouch. This leash offers plenty of safety features including 2 control handles, very shock-absorbent bungee leash, and highly reflective material for night runs and walks all for a very affordable price.

My selection for the most versatile hands-free leash is the PooDoo Hands Free Dog Leash. This leash is 7-feet long to start with. It also has several tabs sewn on so you can adjust the length of the leash to suit your needs. The leash can also be used as a regular leash, i.e. non-hands free, or you can use it to walk multiple dogs by using additional couplers to meet your needs.

I have selected for most comfort-providing hands-free leash the Pawtitas Handsfree Reflective Dog Leash. This leash features a neoprene padded waist belt and control handle for extra comfort. It is also very durably constructed with rip-stop nylon and has plenty of reflective stitching for high-visibility during night walks and runs.

Difficult Choice

I selected Tuff Mutt Hands-Free Bungee Leash for runner-up for best-overall hands-free leash. It does have many great reviews, however there were several complaints about the clip that connects to the dog’s collar/harness breaking and that brings it down enough not to call it best-overall. The price is less than the best-overall choice and many people loved it so this one is a difficult choice.

Buyer’s Guide for Hands-Free Leashes

Before purchasing a hands free dog leash there are some considerations you should be aware of in order to make a selection that will be the best for you and your dog.

First, unless your dog is already pretty good on a leash, I would not consider even purchasing a hands free leash yet. Keep leash training your dog until she is more reliable on a leash so you will be less likely to be faced with unexpected challenges.

Assuming your dog is already pretty reliable on a leash here are some important features to look for when selecting a hands free leash.

Styles of Hands Free Leashes

There are a few choices you have to make as to what style you prefer for a hands free leash. The most popular and well-known type is the leashes that go around your waist or top of hips.

There is another type of hands free leash that goes over one of shoulders then across your body. This style of hands free leash is called the crossbody style and provides more stability if you have a dog that is larger than you and is possibly a puller.

Another type of hands free leash attaches at the wrist. I don’t really consider that something attaching to your wrist is really leaving you hands free. The hand that has the leash attached around the wrist isn’t really all that free. I don’t recommend this method of attachment.

Another great choice is a convertible leash. This type of leash converts from a crossbody style to a normal leash. The most versatile of convertible leashes are those that can either be a crossbody leash, a waist belt style leash, or just a normal leash.

Factors to Consider

You should consider these important features when selecting a hands-free dog leash.

Be sure your dog is leash-trained before using a hands-free leash.

One very important factor is the size of your dog as compared to your size. If your large dog is very well trained and not a puller, then it is not as critical. However, if you weigh 110 and your dog weighs 200 lbs. and is a puller, a waist belt leash style is not the best choice for you.

If your big dog decides to chase after a squirrel suddenly, you could easily be pulled off of your feet. A crossbody leash will provide more stability, however, if your dog is not leash trained the safest way to walk her is to continue leash training using a no-pull harness.

Assuming your dog is leash trained and you are ready to look for a good hands-free leash here are a few important considerations that should be examined before purchasing.

Another factor to consider is the length of the leash. The usual standard length for a dog leash is 6 feet. This is fine for most walking conditions. If you will be walking your dog on a hiking trail that is usually not very crowded, you could use a longer leash to give her more freedom to roam and sniff things.

On the other hand if you are walking your dog in a crowded urban area a short leash of about 4 feet might be appropriate, depending upon how your dog behaves in crowded situations.

Is the Leash Made of Durable Materials?

Be sure to select a leash that is built with highly durable materials such as leather or nylon webbing.  Also, pay attention to the points of connection. If the leash has plastic fasteners, these are likely to break under the pressure of a strong dog.

Be sure to select a leash with metal hardware and no plastic at any point of connection.

Does the Leash Have a Fast and Easy Way to Remove?

It is very important that the leash have an easy and fast way to remove it in case of an emergency. Be sure it has conveniently located fast-releasing clips for instant removal. Look for a leash with an easy to use fastening system, a sturdy buckle and a quick one-handed release method.

Features to Look For

There are some important features that you should look for in a hands free leash. It is advisable to get a shock-absorbing bungee leash as this will protect both you and your dog from the full impact of being jerked around. A bungee leash will soften the impact of unexpected movements on both sides of the leash.

You will also want as much control as possible during your walks or runs to keep your dog from moving off track. This can be achieved with 2 handles, one close within your reach and another close to your dog. Look for wide, easy to grip, comfortable handles for the best control.

Another feature that is very helpful for cases where your dog continually changes what side of you, she is walking on. To have this impact you the least, you will want gliding waist belt clips to allow the leash to easily move back and forth on the belt without getting stuck and causing you to trip.

If you walk your dog in the very early morning or after dark, then visibility should be a priority for you. This means that the leash will need to have some reflective material showing on it and possibly on the harness as well. This is especially important if you regularly walk your dog on streets and roads with traffic.

Final Thoughts

I hope this review and buyer’s guide for hands-free dog leashes has helped you in some way. Whether you are ready to shop for a hands-free leash or you have decided your dog needs more leash training first, either way I hope it has been of some help.

Please feel free to leave any comments about your experiences with hands-free leashes. Or, if you feel I have missed some leashes that should have been included, either way I would appreciate your comments.

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