[VIDEO] Adorable Puppies Waking Their Humans Up

Adorable Puppies Waking Their Humans Up

Nothing is cuter to watch than adorable puppies waking their humans.  They are relentless in their pursuit of playing, eating, and sleeping.  Like it or not, you play a key role in two out of three of these puppy pleasures.

Your Puppy Wants Your Full Attention When He Wakes Up

I have a feeling that puppies don’t like it when we sleep.  This is so true because to a puppy you are their new mama and the center of their universe.  So be prepared to be awakened by your puppy on a regular basis until he grows a little older and more independent.  Of course, this level of independence varies greatly among different dogs and dog breeds.

If waking you up is the first thing your puppy does when he wakes up–this could be a blessing in disguise.  Unless you have succeeded in training your puppy to only go to the bathroom on puppy pads or some other indoor location, then your baby most likely needs to be taken outside or put on his puppy pad, or puppy potty very soon.  Usually one of the first things a puppy will need to do when he wakes up is to relieve himself, so consider this wake-up call a blessing!

Be Prepared for Loss of Sleep and Plenty of Work and Play if You Decide to Add a Puppy to Your Family

Taking care of a puppy is a big responsibility.  You will most likely lose some sleep as you would if you were taking care of a baby.   Of course, the puppy will most likely grow out of this stage of his life in a few months, unlike a baby who could be waking you up for a couple of years.

Once you get a puppy, you may come home to find various ‘surprise packages’ left for you. One look at the guilty looks on your puppy’s face and you will know immediately who the guilty party is.

Here is a compilation of cute puppies waking up their owners so that they can finally play.

Does your furry baby wake you up too? Share your story with us.

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