[VIDEO] Challenge Accepted: Puppies Do The Mannequin Challenge

Challenge Accepted: Puppies Do The Mannequin Challenge

The Mannequin Challenge is a viral Internet video trend where someone is recording a video of people remaining frozen in action like mannequins.  Challenge Accepted: Puppies Do The Mannequin Challenge.  This video proves that puppies can do it too.

Check out the video compilation of adorable puppies doing the #MannequinChallenge.  There is no end to the amazing talent that these puppies continue to display. Puppies are incredibly skilled and versatile and will continue surprising us with their capabilities.

If you have a video of your pup doing the same, feel free to share.  I’m sure your pup is totally capable of performing this challenge.  I also know that we and all the readers would surely enjoy seeing more puppies accept this challenge.

           Wasn’t that an amazing feat of skill and genius? These puppies are fearless and will take on any challenge that comes their way.  The puppies are of varied breeds including mixed breeds and they are all so incredibly talented!  I wonder what the puppies will be asked to do next?  Whatever it is I’m sure these amazing, brave puppies will be up to the challenge.

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