[VIDEO] Funny Guilty Pups Who’ve Been Caught in the Act

Pretty much every puppy owner has experienced coming home and finding a big mess created by their funny guilty pups who’ve been caught in the act.

I’m pretty sure one of the stages of life for a puppy is the “Destroyer Stage”, and this stage can start as soon as your puppy has all of his teeth and has discovered the true joy of tipping over a trash can to see if there is anything good to eat in there.  Or munching on sofa pillows and pulling out all of the insides. This wonderful, joyous experience varies in the amount of time your puppy remains in this destructive stage of life.  Sometimes it can last years, whereas for others it may only last a few months.

Sooner or Later That Day Will Come When You Arrive Home Only to be Greeted by a Puppy With a Very Guilty Facial Expression

As a puppy owner, you must have experienced coming home to find a little chaos in the house…Then you see your cute little furry baby, looking all guilty.  Puppies can do the most horrible, destructive activities and then the expressions on their faces look so guilty it makes you want to laugh.  It’s impossible to be mad at anything with such a cute little guilty face!  It’s also impossible to be angry while you are laughing.

I’m sure puppy parents can all relate to this video.  The video is a compilation of Funny Guilty Pups Who’ve Been Caught in the Act.

If you have a puppy, feel free to share your “guilty pup” experience with us.

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