[VIDEO] Puppies That Absolutely, Positively Hate Baths

Puppies that Absolutely, Positively Hate Baths

We all love hugging and kissing our furry babies, but sometimes they get a little muddy & smelly from playing outside.   However, according to the video, these are puppies that absolutely, positively hate baths.

It is a fact of puppy life that most puppies really hate baths.  It’s just part of having a puppy that you need to get used to.  Your puppy most likely is never going to enjoy baths.  It’s possible but not probable.

An important part of caring for your pup is bathing him when necessary.  Not all puppies love the idea.  In fact, the majority of puppies really hate baths!  This hatred continues right through all of the stages of a puppy’s life.

Try Turning Bath time into Play Time

You can try turning bath time into a fun playtime so your puppy might actually enjoy his bath times.  Get some squeaky bath toys and play with your pup while you attempt to bathe him.  This method would probably work a lot better and be easier and less stressful for all involved if you have another person helping you with the bath.  One of you could do the actual bathing while the other distracts the puppy by playing with him with the squeaky toy.  Hopefully, this will provide enough of a distraction for the puppy to allow the person doing the bathing to complete the task.

Watch this video compilation of puppies that absolutely, positively hate baths.

If you have a “bath story” about your puppy, feel free to share.

Here is a great companion video to this one, in fact, this is most likely what takes place when a puppy realizes that a bath is imminent:  [VIDEO] Puppies Throwing The Most Adorable Temper Tantrums

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