[VIDEO] These Puppy Gift Surprises Will Make You Say Awww

Puppy Gift Surprises Will Make you Say Awww!

We all love gifts, I mean, who doesn’t?  Who would not want to be given a gift?  Most likely nobody but you never know there could be a few people out there that gift-giving goes against their beliefs.  I suppose that’s possible but that unidentifiable group is most likely very small in number.

This video is proof of why puppies are the most epic gifts in the world. EVER!!  The gift of a new little life is such a wonderful gift to give someone that you know would appreciate such an amazing gift.

Be Sure the Receiver of the Gift is Able and Willing to Care for a Puppy

Puppies are very loving, loyal, and playful, and become best friends. It’s an amazing feeling to welcome a new family member and just shower them with so much love.  However, be absolutely certain that whoever you give this wonderful little gift to is someone who is able to take care of this little baby and provide for all of the puppy’s needs, including medical, exercise, training, socialization, and whatever happens to come up during the lifetime of the puppy.

The Receiver of the Gift Should Feel Honored to Receive this Gift

The receiver must really feel honored to be selected as the recipient of this wonderful gift of life.  The giver of the gift must take it upon himself to find out how this gift will be received and that the recipient is truly a dog lover and will commit to caring for this puppy throughout his life.   Dogs are not disposable any more than family members are disposable.  If having a dog is an inconvenience for this recipient the gift should not be given.  The giver of this gift needs to know with absolute certainty that the receiver has the financial means to care for the puppy as well as the desire to have a new puppy and do whatever is necessary to give that new puppy a wonderful forever home.

Puppy Gift Surprises that Make you say Awww

Watch this touching beginning of new friendships. Get ready to say “AWWW!”

via Tropico

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