What You Need to Know About Teacup Dog Breeds – Be Sure to Research Before you Purchase a Teacup Dog

teacup Chihuahua in teacup - What You Need to Know About Teacup Dogs
Teacup Chihuahua

Be sure you look carefully into the breeder you purchase your teacup dog from. Ask to see the veterinary records of the mother and the father to be sure they aren’t sickly. Also, look into the reputation of the breeder to be sure this is a reputable breeder. Be sure you get good references before you select a breeder.

Teacup dog breeds have become very popular. This article presents important information about what you need to know about teacup dog breeds and the commitment required to care for them. The article presents some facts you should know before getting one of these cute little dogs. Many of these precious little dogs have been bred by unethical breeders that only care about the money the pups will bring in. They combine the runt of a litter with another runt, not really caring about the reason the pups they bred were runts.

Teacup dogs are also much more difficult for vets to operate on due to their hypoglycemia and body temperature. Vets must make sure the operation doesn’t take longer than the blood sugar reserves or they must give the little dogs supplements. They also need to keep the dog warm due to the body temperature dropping under anesthesia.

Important Facts to Consider Before Getting a Teacup Dog

teacup Pomeranian -  - What You Need to Know About Teacup Dogs
teacup Pomeranian

Be sure you know what you’re getting into before you get one of these cute little dogs. They are very hard to resist because they are so tiny and cute. However, that small size and cuteness can come with a very large responsibility.

Some of these dogs are so small that they must be fed several small meals throughout the day because they can’t eat enough to only eat twice a day like a regular dog. They are also more difficult to house train due to their small bladder size. It would be much easier to just train your little dog to go in one place on a puppy pad. The alternative is taking your dogs outside frequently to go to the bathroom. Be sure to invest in plenty of puppy pads as this will be a more practical way to house train your teacup dog.

Most Teacup Dog Breeds Require Full-Time Care

If you work full-time you probably shouldn’t get a teacup dog as they really require full-time care. Many of them are so fragile that they can break a bone just by jumping down from a sofa.

Teacup dogs weigh between two and six pounds and must also be less than 17 inches tall when fully grown. However, these dogs are not the same as the Toy Breeds. Most of the teacup dog breeds are not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). This is because they don’t meet the standards of their breed. This may or may not be important to you depending upon what your interests are. Many teacup breeds are mixed breeds, which is not a bad thing but if you are looking for a purebred dog you should look at the other dog breeds that are recognized by the AKC.

Many Teacup Dog Breeds Are Not Good For Children

If you have children you most likely should not be getting one of these fragile little dogs. Children could be too rough for these dogs and could unwittingly injure your cute little buddy. You are much better off looking for dog breeds that are great for families with children, there are many breeds and mixed breeds that can fulfill this role. Your children would enjoy a dog they can run and play with much more than a delicate little dog. If your children are older, then they would probably be ok with these dogs, but not young children.

Teacup Dog Breeds are Likely to Have More Health Problems

teacup Yorkie -  - What You Need to Know About Teacup Dogs
Teacup Yorkie

Unfortunately, due to their small size, many teacup breeds are more likely to have health problems than regular-sized dog breeds. This is especially true if they are bred from dogs that are runts or sick. Some common issues include easily broken bones, heart issues, collapsing trachea, liver shunts, hypoglycemia, seizures, respiratory problems, digestive problems, blindness, and more.

Many small dogs are also more likely to develop dental and gum problems. Their baby teeth don’t always fall out on their own. Many veterinarians remove all of the baby teeth of dogs who haven’t lost all of their baby teeth when the dog is spayed or neutered. Some of these health issues can be reduced or eliminated by ensuring that you are getting your tiny pup from a reputable breeder.

However, some health and additional issues are just the results of the size of these breeds. You have to be careful not to let them get too cold or meet up with an aggressive dog, or get outside your yard and get hit by a car. These little dogs are much less likely to survive one of these encounters.

Closing Thoughts

Extending the Lifespan of Your Little Friend

Some of these little dogs are capable of living a full lifespan of 15 years. It is much more likely that your little dog will live her full lifespan if you purchased her from a reputable breeder and watch her very carefully. You also need to train and socialize these dogs as they are still dogs. She will need to get some exercise and get used to walking on a leash. Training such a tiny dog could be challenging. Start training her when she is about 8 weeks old. She will need to get used to collars and leashes so you can take her for several short walks throughout the day.

Be sure to take your little dog to the vet and get her examined thoroughly and keep her recommended vaccines up-to-date. Also, if your little pup is displaying any symptoms of illness or injury, get her to a vet promptly. She will also need regular baths and grooming, depending upon her breed. Also, be careful to ensure that she gets the best nutrition possible. Ask your veterinarian about the best food to feed your baby. Also, ask the reputable breeder from which you purchased her.

Also, be sure to puppy-proof your home and yard by removing objects that could injure your pup. These little dogs do not need as much exercise as the larger breeds, but they do need some activity. These dogs could work better for older more sedentary adults that are able to afford the vet bills as well as the purchase price of these dogs. They tend to be quite expensive to purchase.

Hopefully, all of your preliminary research into the breeder will ensure you get the best possible dog without a lot of health problems. However, as your teacup dog is still extremely small she has the potential health issues mentioned above that are a factor of her small size.

One Teacup Sized Breed Exception

Long Haired Russian Toy
Long-Haired Russian Toy

The Russian Toy is an excellent choice and is actually one of the AKC Toy Group breeds. This is a very energetic little dog with loads of personality. This breed is good for families with kids. He is the size of a teacup dog with a weight of up to 6.5 pounds and a height of 8 to 11 inches with a lifespan of 12 to 14 years. The Russian Toy was recognized by the AKC in 2022. By the size requirement for a teacup dog, the Russian Toy is a teacup dog. However, he is also a member of the Toy Breed Group of the AKC.

There are 2 versions of the Russian Toy, one with longer fur, especially on the ears, and one with a smooth coat.

Russian Toys smooth coat
Russian Toys smooth coat

Currently, the Russian Toy is the only Teacup size breed to be recognized by the AKC. Hopefully, no breeders will try to make an even smaller version of the Russian Toy.

If you work full-time outside your home or have a family with young children, these dogs are not for you. There are so many dog breeds and mixed breeds that are available for adoption. You could easily find the dog of your dreams that will be a great family dog and fun for your children at your local shelter.


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